SleepAngel bedding now available on Swedish

Estonian sleep-innovation is now available on Sweden’s biggest furniture retailer

Almohadas SleepAngel, el secreto del descanso del Movistar

We are always happy to have our products tested - this time by Spanish TopBici. 

Why I chose SleepAngel by author and speaker Siim Land

Siim Land is an author whose topics range from health and fitness to productivity and mindset.

Can bedding be your unique selling proposition?

Bedding innovation from healthcare creates comfortable and safe environment for all of your guests.

Mothers and sleep

Sleep does not come easy to mothers, no matter how old their kids are. At the same time, getting a good night’s sleep is the best thing you can do ...

Pille Lengi: Sleep to support your skin and quality of life

Pille Lengi - founder of Tilk! cosmetics - focuses on sleep to improve her skin and quality of life.

SleepAngel now available on

Clinically tested and proven pillows are 100% barrier to allergens, pathogens, viruses, dust and liquids.

WILLYA review: SleepAngel GelFlex Kissen

Michael Maier of is an avid outdoor person and new technology enthusiast, we found common subjects quickly.

Why I chose SleepAngel by footballer Niamh Fahey

Niamh Fahey plays in Liverpool FC Women and the Republic of Ireland women's national football team.

17 proven tips for better sleep

Article "17 Proven Tips to Sleep Better at Night" by Rudy Mawer was originally published in

Why I chose SleepAngel by pro-cyclist Mihkel Räim

Colourful (and also slightly allergic) cyclist Mihkel Räim has started a new journey in a Polish team with Estonian innovation.

SleepAngel now available on

Relief for people with allergies and asthma, choice of elite sports teams, suitable for you if you desire clean pillow.