Washing you sheets once every four months is not enough

While we spend one third of our lives sleeping, sleeping environment as such is often forgotten. Bedding and bedlinen without proper care can have negative effect for your sleep and quality of life.

BBC research "How often should you change your bed sheets?" by Manish Pandey showed, that almost half of single men said they don't wash their bed sheets for up to four months at a time.*

We challenge you to think deeper - if bedlinen is not washed, do you think bedding is?

❗Traditional bedding products absorb environmental substances (sweat, dandruff, dust etc( and therefore also requires regular washing.

While at home, washing your bedlinen and bedding is your private decision, at hotels this is quite a challenge to tackle.

 💡SleepAngel Bedding is an innovation fit to solve this challenge - innovative and patent protected PneumaPure® filter technology, SafeWeld seams and PureShield fabric protection secure that environmental substances do not enter the bedding products and the only thing needing laundry is the bedlinen.


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Pictured: Åhus Gästgivaregård that uses SleepAngel bedding products at their rooms.


Source: "How often should you change your bed sheets?" by Manish Pandey