Unique filter innovation for your best rest and recovery

Fabric and filter innovation from healthcare, adapted for your best rest and recovery at home or while travelling.


Patented innovation for your best sleep

SleepAngel® pillow with PneumaPure® Filter Technology is a clinically proven barrier to allergens, microbes, and mould. Hermetically sealed pillow is a barrier to microbial contamination, yet well ventilated, breathable, comfortable.


PneumaPure® Filter Technology

SleepAngel® PneumaPure® filter technology was originally created to stop infection transmission via soft surfaces in hospitals. 

The filter keeps allergens, bacteria, viruses (microbial ingress) out of the pillow and allows quick and easy cleaning of the outer cover.

SleepAngel® PneumaPure® filter technology is developed in cooperation with leading European laboratory Centexbel, tested independently by Airmid Healthgroup.

Filling Materials

Innovative and patent protected filters, welded seams, and durable and soft cover material is not the only thing we focus on.

Selected quality filling materials have been chosen and tested by our experts to provide support and comfort for different sleeping needs and body types.


PrimaLoft® Bio™ Fibre

Fibre is the filling of the classic, soft pillow that fits the classic needs. We are using PrimaLoft® Bio™ biodegradable* fibre, that have been specifically developed to return to materials found in nature, in an effort to reduce the environmental impact of microfibers throughout their life. Fibre filling is fluffier and higher in the beginning, and will reduce in height as you start to use it. Filling is suitable for all sleeping positions.


Memory Foam

Stable support to your body. High quality memory foam slowly contours to your head and neck when pressure is applied, and then regains its shape slowly once the pressure has been removed.
 Filling is especially suitable for back and side sleepers.


Why SleepAngel Pillow?

SleepAngel pillow is 100% Allergen-free (no dust, no mould, etc). It is smell and stain resistant (incl. blood, sweat) due to waterproof material and filter. It is part of elite sports team’s recovery toolset.

Taking care of your SleepAngel pillow is easy

SleepAngel pillow does not require machine wash or dry cleaning. Just wipe the pillow regularly with a damp cloth and ensure clean bedlinen.

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