Where the Air is Pure

According to the World Health Organisation, Estonia’s air is one of the cleanest in the world.


We study your Biomedical, Recovery and Lifestyle Needs and innovate Filter based Solution. PneumaPure from SleepAngel is probably the biggest innovation in the Sleep, Rest and Recovery Market.

Recovery is a fundamental pillar next to nutrition and hydration to secure maximum performance. 
As with the other fundamentals, data and scientific research form the basis for the best solutions. 
SleepAngel products are unique due to PneumaPure filter technology that is originally created for infection prevention in medical sector bedding. PneumaPure filter technology prevents the colonization of different bacteria, dust mites and other allergens that are commonly found in bedding (mattresses, pillows etc).

PneumaPure Filtration technology is a highly specialised nano-porous medium that is a clinically proven barrier to pathogens, allergens and mould. SleepAngel bedding products are hermetically sealed this means that airflow is only ever via the filter thereby preventing the risks associated with regular pillows - interior contamination and build-up of allergens and microbes.
In other words, the only thing that can get in or out of a SleepAngel pillow is pure air and the bedding ventilates through the purifying PneumaPure filter.

And because of its nano-porous design the filter functions mechanically rather than chemically i.e. it does not use biocides, pesticide or anti-histamine to be effective. PneumaPure Filter technology is patent protected globally.

SleepAngel PneumaPure technology bedding:

  • Highly specialized nano-porous filter composite (i.e. composed of extremely small pores);
  • Ventilation through PneumaPure filter;
  • Scientifically proven to block germs, dust mites and allergens;
  • Hermetically sealed cushioning device (Featuring SafeWeld seams);
  • Soft and cool cover fabric.

From core to cover, we use the best available materials to produce bedding that will secure the cleanest sleeping environment for your recovery. 


SleepAngel filter technology

SleepAngel PneumaPure bedding benefits:

  • Easy to maintain – no need to wash or vacuum, simply wipe down with a cloth and change the pillowcase cover;
  • Keeps shape longer due to no machine wash;
  • 2-year warranty;
  • Clinically and laboratory tested by leading facilities in EU and US;
  • Patented;
  • Produced in Estonia.

SleepAngel PneumaPure filter technology is developed and created in cooperation with leading European laboratory Centexbel and tested independently by Airmid Healthgroup and multiple Tier I healthcare facilities. 

SleepAngel PneumaPure Medical products are used in hospitals and care homes around the world due to clinical efficacy, cost and time efficiency and reduced ecological footprint.

SleepAngel bedding is designed for anyone who values the importance of a clean sleeping environment:

  • Relief for people with allergies and asthma;
  • Choice of elite sports women and men for pure air sleeping and reduction of risk to recovery;
  • Suitable for anyone focusing in recovery and good sleep.

SleepAngel is the daughter company of Gabriel Scientific that operates in the healthcare sector. Read more about them here: https://www.sleepangel-medical.com

PneumaPure technology has been awarded: 
- Best Newcomer at Infection Prevention Society 2019 Conference – UK
- Top Innovations of the Year 2017 (one of the top innovations) by infectioncontrol.tips. infectioncontrol.tips is a registered Canadian non-profit organization (The Infection Prevention Strategy)
- The Irish Times top innovation award – presented by the president of Ireland.