New challenges, new solutions

In today's hospitality landscape, capitalising on opportunities for hygiene and sustainability is a must, as is catering for guests comfort expectations and special needs. How can you navigate sustainability, hygiene and comfort, and excel in each?


Can you choose all three?

Demonstrating continuous journey in hygiene can provide a competitive edge, but it can also mean making compromises in sustainability (laundry, single use pillows) or comfort (protective covers). With the new ESG reporting coming up, it is time to have another look at energy efficiency, carbon emissions, water conservation and waste reduction.

The existing hotel pillows – even those with protective slips – have countless pores and stitched seams, allowing them to absorb and expel pathogens with each use, putting both guests and staff members at risk for infection. According to inspections performed by Green Lodging News, the average age of a hotel pillow can be up to seven years old. Despite current protective measures and regular washing of pillowcases between guests, the core of the pillow remains a reservoir of contamination.

Hotel Bedding & the “New Normal” Post-Pandemic

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A pillow with the filter

When we created PneumaPure® filter technology, our aim was to fight infection transmissions in hospitals and improve safety for patients with a soft surface solution that is effective in blocking the absorption and expulsion of harmful pathogens from the pillow’s core. Since then, we have introduced the technology to other industries as an environmentally and financially viable solution. Hospitality is one of them.


Safe and sustainable soft surfaces

Bring premium comfort, innovation, and safety for your guests with SleepAngel, patent protected innovation - no leftovers from last visitors, no surprises for your staff. Perfect for allergy rooms, sustainable choice for all.

While bed coverings like sheets and pillowcases are laundered for each guest change, pillows are not, as it isn't efficient or cost-effective. As a result, the average hotel pillow is used without washing for 243 to 365 days. This extended use can accumulate unwanted contaminants, such as dust mites, which may pose issues for guests, especially those with allergies - this means a lot of history and other less desirable things that can be left behind

Vacations and Travel "Why you should travel with your own pillow" by Liz Brown

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The new standard of Hospitality Pillows

SleepAngel pillows do not require laundry, are suitable for allergy rooms and can be used for long period without fear of stains or smells. Sustainable hygiene upgrade for your guests. Contact us

Safety doesn’t necessarily cost money. It could be an excuse for saving money

Bjorn Hanson, former dean of hospitality at New York University

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