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Upgrade hygiene for your guests with SleepAngel® – barrier to viruses, allergens, pathogens and liquids

Hospitality industry has been handed one of the biggest challenges with Covid-19 - providing guests with a memorable visit, comfortable and sound sleep, while keeping them safe. 

At the same time there are set sustainability targets, employees workload and the focus on costs. 

Did you know that the pillow (and soft surfaces overall) is an often-overlooked link in a chain of cross-infection?

Traditional pillows and bedding act as a sponge and collect dust, humidity, hair, dandruff etc. through zip vents, pores and stitching holes from each and every customer. This means that in addition bed linen, bedding itself requires regular, costly and time consuming laundry.  

Bjorn Hanson, former dean of hospitality at New York University: “Safety doesn’t necessarily cost money. It could be an excuse for saving money.” 

Introducing SleepAngel® bedding for Hospitality - filtered bedding products, that are a barrier to viruses, allergens, pathogens and liquids (no stains or smells), while being comfortable and supporting.


Safe, sustainable and supporting

SleepAngel® PneumaPure® filter technology is certified as Class I Medical Device in the EU and registered Class I Medical Device with the FDA. It is unique, globally patent protected* technology originally created for healthcare and later adapted with comfort features to fit the needs of hospitality industry.  

Bedding with a PneumaPure® filter - pillows, duvets, mattresses, toppers

SleepAngel® bedding is a combination of innovations that prevent the risks associated with regular pillows and soft surfaces – interior contamination and build-up of allergens and microbes. Originally created to fight cross infection in medical sector and tested by top laboratories.

SleepAngel® Hospitality Bedding range can be extended from pillows to toppers, duvets and mattresses. Different pillow contents and sizes are available to fit your customers and guests needs.

SleepAngel® bedding is perfect for your allergy rooms, but its features make it suitable for all rooms.

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Read more about our technology here: SleepAngel technology

Additional feature: Take-away pillow

Comfortable and supporting pillow is important part of hospitality experience. If you add unique hygiene features to the formula, you get something that your guests will want to take home with them.

This is why many of our partner-hotels have added SleepAngel® pillow stand to their hotel reception or an ordering system through our web shop.

SleepAngel will upgrade your hygiene standards, will support you in keeping set sustainability targets, all while keeping your guests comfortable and safe.

SleepAngel® Equipped - improve safety for your visitors

Many hospitality companies have already changed to SleepAngel® to keep their visitors safe. They also offer take-away service with possibility to purchase SleepAngel at their reception. 

SleepAngel bedding is already used in KODA Stay, Hektor Konteinerhotell, Estonia Resort Hotel & Spa, Åhus Gästgivaregård, The Devlin Dublin, The Mayson Dublin, Kristianstads Golfklubb i Åhus and many more.

Perfect for pet-friendly rooms

Travel with pets is one of the fastest-growing trends in the travel industry. Two of the main reasons, why hotels do not allow pets is allergies and cleaning as removing dust, dandruff and fur from soft surfaces is especially challenging.

This is the reason, why SleepAngel bedding is not only suitable for allergy rooms, but also pet friendly rooms. SleepAngel® bed products with PneumaPure® filter technology are:

  • 100% allergen-free - due to unique barrier components and filter technology, only clean air can enter the bedding products
  • with smaller environmental footprint (and demand less work) as they do not require laundry and can be wiped clean 

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*incl. EU, UK, North America, Japan, China, Russia, India, Middle East