Global tourism continues to grow with hospitality companies constantly looking new ways to create unique and memorable experiences. Safe and comfortable sleeping environment is one of the focus areas.

Clean and comfortable sleeping environment is essential for best rest and recovery but can be difficult to achieve in multi-user hospitality environment.

SleepAngel is changing this with clinically tested Hospitality Bedding Range – always as new and with no risk of germs, viruses or cross-infection for the customer, with no compromises with comfort.

SleepAngel PneumaPure bedding technology

SleepAngel bedding is combination of innovations that prevent the risks associated with regular pillows – interior contamination and build-up of allergens and microbes. Originally created to fight cross infection in medical sector and tested by top laboratories.

SleepAngel PneumaPure pillow Standard pillow

Stays clean inside, only pure air can enter the pillow through PneumaPure filter.

Standard pillow gains 1/3 of its weight during 2 years of usage.
Acts as a barrier for viruses*, allergens, bacteria and liquids. -
Hermetically sealed, no stitching holes (Safeweld seams). Stitching holes allow bacteria, dust mites, allergens etc to enter the pillow
No machine wash. No need to wash or vacuum, simply wipe down with a cloth and change the pillowcase cover. No unified pillow washing standard for hospitality, decision by housekeeper.
Warranty 2 years -
Suitable for people with allergies and asthma. -


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SleepAngel PneumaPure technology is globally patented (incl. EU, UK, North America, Japan, China, Russia, India, Middle East). Products are Class I Medical Devices.

SleepAngel Hospitality Bedding range can be extended from pillows to toppers, duvets, matrasses. We also cater for different pillow contents and sizes (e.g. pillow menu).

* Tested against MRSA, C. difficile, E. coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Candida albicans, Aspergillus niger, Norovirus, Influenza Type A, Adenovirus 5, Coronavirus 229E (HcoV 229E).

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