Design, production, and distribution of SleepAngel products is done by the team of Gabriel Scientific in Estonia (Pärnu) and in the USA (Indianapolis). Our work is dedicated to redefining soft surface products by introducing safe, sustainable, and supporting recovery products with PneumaPure® filter technology.

From a personal need

Our story started when inventor David Woolfson's daughter got an infection from an unclean pillow.

He realised that a pillow is critical link in the chain of infection transmission - a little mattress for your head, where you are most vulnerable with your eyes, ears, nose, and mouth as access points for infections and allergens.

Years of innovation, research, and testing resulted in unique PneumaPure® Filter technology - combination of barrier components and unique production technologies making the pillow immune to allergens, infections, pathogens, viruses, etc. that can be found in traditional pillows.

to a globally patent protected and awarded innovation.

The invention quickly found a place in infection prevention toolset in hospitals as a disruptive soft surface solution:

"PneumaPure® filter technology is an important breakthrough in the fight against healthcare acquired infections. The threat to patient, caregiver, and visitor safety from contaminated bedding interiors is so apparent that it could be argued that PneumaPure® filter technology should be not just recommended for adoption, but mandated. In hotels, there are significant benefits from a room hygiene and guest safety perspective; in the home, there is a clear benefit from the significant reduction in exposure to asthma and allergy triggers."

Award Top Innovation of the 2017 by

From elite sports team’s recovery toolset

Our aim is to educate, inform, and disrupt the rest and recovery industry. To create a culture, where sleep is equally important to nutrition and hydration. The early adopters in this are have been elite sports teams.

FC Celtic and The Movistar Team were the first to test and approve SleepAngel pillows and bedding products as part of their recovery toolset.

to you, for your best rest and recovery

Now it is time to focus on sleep and sleep better with SleepAngel.