Sleep Where the Air is Pure 

Sleep - rest and recovery - is crucial for our physical and mental performance and quality of life. At SleepAngel, we’re committed to helping each individual get a comfortable and soothing sleep each and every night.

Our story started when our inventor David Woolfson's daughter got an infection from an unclean pillow. Seeing her suffer motivated him to research cross-infection. He realised that pillows were the most critical part because they are just little mattresses for your head where you are most vulnerable. After all, that’s where you breathe, and it makes contact with eyes and ears, nose and mouth—all points of infection ingress.

The outcome was PneumaPure Filter technology, the only 100% barrier against pathogens, viruses, dust mites and other allergens combined with airflow for user comfort.

No matter if you have allergies and/or are an athlete or someone who likes a clean bed – a filtered pillow gives you a risk-free environment for the rest and recovery you need and deserve.

SleepAngel is the official bedding partner for pro-cycling team Movistar Team.

SleepAngel bedding is widely known and used in the healthcare industry around the world – scientifically proven, safe, sustainable, and supportive. Now you can upgrade your sleeping hygiene at home with clean comfort for your best recovery time.

Sleep Where the Air is Pure.