About Us

SleepAngel OÜ manufactures and markets a range of filled bedding solutions that are clinically proven to block the pathogens that can contaminate everyday sleep surfaces.  The product range is marketed internationally under the SleepAngel™ brand and consists of pillows, duvets, mattresses and mattress enhancers (toppers). The ingredient technology, PneumaPure™ Filter Technology. This enables the product to breathe, while at the same time, prevents the passage of pathogens and bacteria into the pillow interior. The cover is a non-porous textile, with non-sewn “safe weld” seams, ensuring that the products block the access of any contaminants or “nasties”.

Main factory is based in Estonia. Several fill and seal productions are also located internationally- UAE, USA, UK, Switzerland, Russia.

For further information or distribution request please contact info@sleepangel.eu