Sleep Where the Air is Pure 

Sleep - rest and recovery - is crucial for your physical and mental performance and quality of life. At SleepAngel, we want to make sure that you get comfortable and soothing sleep each and every night in a clean environment.

From "pain" to "gain"

Our story started when inventor David Woolfson's daughter got an infection from an unclean pillow. Seeing her suffer motivated him to research cross-infection. He realised that pillows were the most critical part because they are just little mattresses for your head where you are most vulnerablethat’s where you breathe, and your eyes, ears, nose and mouth are all possible points of infection ingress.

Sleep Where the Air is Pure

He took a deep dive into infection transmission materials and invented PneumaPure Filter technology — the world’s first barrier bedding range to combine absolute barrier protection with airflow.
No matter if you have allergies and/or are an athlete or someone who likes a clean bed – filtered bedding by SleepAngel will give you a risk-free environment for the rest and recovery you need and deserve.

Sleep innovation from Estonia

SleepAngel team is based in Estonia, Pärnu. Our production unit is supplying filtered bedding items to healthcare (brand SleepAngel Medical), hospitality and private homes globally. Our R&D department is headed by our founder Lyane. 

Awarded innovation

Sven - our CEO and founder - is a firm believer that PneumaPure filtered bedding should be a new normal to secure quality sleeping environment for all. He is an evangelist for sleep and sleep environment to to improve people's quality of life.
In 2017, awarded our technology with Top Innovations of the 2017 by The Infection Prevention Strategy:
"PneumaPure filter technology is an important breakthrough in the fight against HAl’s. The threat to patient, caregiver, and visitor safety from contaminated bedding interiors is so apparent that it could be argued that PneumaPure filter technology should be not just recommended for adoption, but mandated. In hotels, there are significant benefits from a room hygiene and guest safety perspective; in the home, there is a clear benefit from the significant reduction in exposure to asthma and allergy triggers."
SleepAngel product technology scientifically proven, safe, sustainable, and supportive. Upgrade your sleeping equipment with SleepAngel.