Overcoming Allergies: Unleashing Your Potential in Sports

Are allergies and poor sleep hindering your athletic performance?

A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Pillow: SleepAngel Microfibre vs. Memory Foam

A good night's sleep starts with the right pillow. Understanding the differences between pillows, such as SleepAngel microfibre and memory foam, ca...

Clean Sleeping: Enhancing Athletic Performance with SleepAngel at the Movistar Team's Training Camp

SleepAngel is the official pillow and bedding partner for world leading cycling team the Movistar Team since 2019.

Meet us at the New Baltic Hospitality expo!

We are delighted to present a genuine Estonian innovation – SleepAngel pillows – at the New Baltic Hospitality Expo.

Official partner for the Movistar Team since 2019

SleepAngel will continue to provide rest and recovery tools for the Movistar Team in 2023. 

Washing you sheets once every four months is not enough

While we spend one third of our lives sleeping, sleeping environment as such is often forgotten.

Clean bedroom for quality sleep

Getting a good night's sleep is important for our physical and mental health. Clean bedroom is a good start for your quality sleep.

Hospitality feature: travel with pets

SleepAngel bedding products are a barrier allergens, pathogens, liquids etc. and do not require laundry.

Movistar Team - focus to the smallest of detail, including sleep

SleepAngel is the bedding partner for the Movistar Team since 2019.

SleepAngel upgrades to PrimaLoft® Bio™ fibre

PrimaLoft® Bio™ will help us to support reduced micro-plastics in our oceans, landfills, and waterways.

Consistent lack of sleep leads to impaired judgment and poor decision-making

Sleep loss can cause decreased cognitive performance, leading to the inability to make sound judgments.

100% allergen-free pillow from SleepAngel - what does it mean?

Symptoms like sneezing, stuffiness, cough, eye redness can all be symptoms of allergy. Is your pillow to blame?