Gabriel Scientific awarded for growth in 2020

Awards “Crisis breaker” and “Brave Entrepreneur by Luminor” recognise growth and contribution to local economy during extraordinary year of 2020.

Why filtered soft surfaces?

Soft surfaces (e.g. pillows, duvets) "breathe" the same way as we do, therefore they need protection. SleepAngel bedding stays clean - it has a bui...

How clean is your bed?

Pillows can become a fertile breeding ground for all kinds of bugs, fungi and mould. But it does not have to be like this.

SleepAngel in the The Brit List 2020 shortlist

The Brit List - the industry’s most widespread search to identify the leading designers, architects, hoteliers and suppliers.

Movistar Team wins Tour De France team GC

SleepAngel is the proud partner for the Movistar Team. Protecting their performance as they sleep.

NASA technology and medical innovation join forces

NASA technology and medical innovation join forces to offer the highest levels of hygiene and cleanliness for hospitality.

A clean night’s sleep with barrier bedding

Sven Jürisoo tells Richard Humphreys how the company’s solutions can be used in the cruise and hospitality industries.

Making "clean" more visible

The New York Times article on how previously hidden activities (e.g. cleaning) play important role in bringing back the customers.

Bedding innovation for improved guest safety

Interview with our founder and R&D director Lyane Lind for Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo Europe (CSHE).

SleepAngel to test products in TalTech laboratory

TalTech – Tallinn University of Technology is SleepAngel's new testing partner for cruise ship outdoor product range.

Improving guest safety in hospitality with medical innovation

Interview with our CEO by Elliot Preece for Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo Europe, where we will participate in December 2020.

SleepAngel and Shores Europe APS partner to improve guest safety on cruise ships

The world's leading cruise line supplier adds innovative SleepAngel bedding to its collection.