Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about SleepAngel products. If you cannot find answer to your questions, do not hesitate to contact us via the most suitable contact.

What should I take into consideration when choosing a pillow?

✔️Sleeping position - sleeping on the side, stomach, back or mixing through the night

✔️Body type and personal aches and support needs - do you need support for certain part of your body

✔️Mattress softness - the softer the mattress, the more you melt into the bed and the lower pillow you need

We have made a note next to each pillow for what it is suitable for. If you have more questions, please consult us via our contact channels.

All of our pillows come with unique filter technology to keep it 100% allergen free. Additionally you can choose a quality filling to best suit your support needs:

✔️Classic Microfibre filling / PrimaLoft® Bio™ Microfibre - suitable for all sleeping positions. Soft and fluffy filling, we use sustainable PrimaLoft® Bio™ fibres that have been specifically developed to return to materials found in nature, in an effort to reduce the environmental impact of microfibers throughout their life. Sustainable choice.

✔️Memory foam - is especially suitable for back and side sleepers. High quality memory foam slowly contours to your head and neck when pressure is applied, and then regains its shape slowly once the pressure has been removed.

✔️Resilient GelFlex foam - suitable for back and side sleepers.Gelflex is a very flexible, highly durable and breathable polyurethane foam that does not lose its shape and performance over years. Compared to a memory foam pillow, the GelFlex pillow offers a bouncier and quicker response to pressure (no memory).

Appetizing fibers - PrimaLoft® Bio™ fibers break down at a highly accelerated rate in landfills, oceans and wastewater because we’ve optimized them to be more appetizing to the naturally occurring microbes in these specific environments.

Left behind - these microbes enable synthetic insulation and fabric to return to materials found in nature, leaving behind components like water, CO2, methane, biomass, and humus – a common, natural component of potting soil.

Read more about it here: link

Microfibre pillows have the option of “medium” and “low”:

✔️Medium height pillows are filled with more fiber therefore are more firm and give more support to the head.

✔️Low height pillows have a little less fiber in them, therefore are more soft and squishy as the head falls more into the pillow. 

Foam pillows - if you sleep on the side, your shoulder length plays a role in choosing a pillow. The wider your shoulders, the higher the pillow. We suggest measuring your shoulder and adding 1-2 cm to get the best fit from our foam (GelFlex or Memory foam) pillows

✔️Use SleepAngel pillow with a cover

✔️You can use your regular pillow covers that fits your aesthetic

✔️Be sure to wash and change the bedlinen at least weekly for the best sleeping experience

We recommend using a pillowcase for additional comfort and hygiene. Using a pillowcase (and changing it regularly) helps to extend the expected service life of the pillow.

No, the filters do not require changing. PneumaPure filter is a mechanical surface filtration system that does not collect environmental substances. The filter keeps allergens, pathogens, viruses, liquids etc out of the pillow. 

The PneumaPure filter is part of the pillow’s structure and the pillow has to be replaced once the filter (or any other part of the pillow) has a rupture or a hole.

The pillow is easy to take care of:

✔️Change the pillowcase regularly (at least weekly)

✔️Wipe the pillow with a damp cloth as you change the bed linen 

✔️Additionally - You can clean the pillow by showering it under running water if it is soiled. Please avoid abrasive scrubbing of the filters.

Remember: Do not machine wash, vacuum or dry clean the SleepAngel pillows as this will destroy the product technology and functionality.

SleepAngel pillow's stain repellent cover textile, welded seams and nano-porous filters for ventilation mean that the pillow is waterproof and only filtered clean air gets inside the pillow. No allergens, sweat stains, mold, dust, pollen, pathogens, viruses or liquids in your SleepAngel® pillow

With the right care and handling the pillow can last forever. 

However, we have the set guarantee time to two years and as with things, that are used extensively. We do suggest to change the pillow if it has lost its functionalities.

Inspect the pillow regularly to make sure it is not damaged. Damaged pillow should be discarded.

When the pillow or filter has holes or tears, it has lost its functionality as it is not hermetically sealed anymore.

SleepAngel® pillows are 100% allergen-free, stain repellant, and easy to take care of. 

✔️It is perfect for you if you suffer from allergies and/or asthma as it is suggested by pulmonologist and allergy unions.

✔️It is the choice of elite sports teams for risk free recovery time, perfect for you if you value the importance of a healthy night’s sleep. 

✔️It is a sustainable choice - the pillows do not require machine wash or dry cleaning. Just wipe clean with a damp cloth and change bed linen regularly. 

Some suggestions on how to allergy-proof your room:

✔️Vacuum regularly with quality HEPA vacuum cleaner, remove carpeting or use washable rugs

✔️Wash and clean the curtains. Clean blinds regularly or remove them

✔️Use SleepAngel bedding products that do not absorb allergens. Wash bed linen regularly

✔️Close windows, especially during allergy season. Clean mold and condensation from windows. Use an air purifier with a HEPA filter. Do not allow pets

✔️Declutter your bedroom and use easy to clean (hard surfaces) furniture items

Closest to your eyes, nose, ears and mouth is 8 hours a day a pillow. SleepAngel pillow is 100% allergen free.

SleepAngel pillows are designed, sold, and produced in Estonia with 90% of the materials resourced in Europe.