Clean bedroom for quality sleep

Getting a good night's sleep is important for our physical and mental health.  SleepAngel pillow is always allergen free, but what else can you do to support your best sleep?

Creating safe haven for your dreams can be challenging. Here are some suggestions on how to allergy-proof your room:

✔️Vacuum regularly with quality HEPA vacuum cleaner, remove carpeting or use washable rugs.

✔️Wash and clean the curtains. Clean blinds regularly or remove them.

✔️Use SleepAngel pillows do not absorb allergens. As the pillow is closest to your eyes, nose, ears and mouth, then upgrading to SleepAngel is the best choice for your clean sleeping environment.

✔️Wash bed linen regularly.

✔️Close windows, especially during allergy season. Clean mold and condensation from windows. Use an air purifier with a HEPA filter. Do not allow pets.

✔️Declutter your bedroom and use easy to clean (hard surfaces) furniture items.


By using SleepAngel pillows with barrier features, you will have allergen-free pillow under your head.

SleepAngel pillows:

  • 100% allergen-free - unique barrier components and filter technology allow only clean air to enter the pillow keeping pathogens, allergens and viruses out of the bedding product
  • Easy to take care - pillows do not require laundry like traditional pillows and can be wiped clean

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