Official partner for the Movistar Team since 2019

SleepAngel will continue to provide rest and recovery tools for the Movistar Team in 2023. 

Lyane Lind, Founder and R&D director of SleepAngel participated at the team camp in Alicante beginning of December to meet up after Covid-19 years forced a break to real life meetings: "It was a pleasure to meet the team again after all the time and see, how SleepAngel pillows are important part of their recovery toolset".



During the visit, all the new riders went through pillow fitting to find the best solution for their personal needs. Lyane Lind: "The main feature of SleepAngel pillows is the PneumaPure filter technology that results in allergen, virus and pathogen free pillow for the riders and as they always have their pillow with them, they can be sure to sleep in a safe environment. Additionally, we have different filling options to fit the needs of different bodies, and we found suitable support for each rider."



The Movistar Team has their own custom collection, that includes SleepAngel's best seller filling (s.o. Classic) and the choice of the Movistar Team that fits their specific needs the best. See more here: The Movistar Team Collection