Bedding innovation for improved guest safety

Interview with our founder and R&D director Lyane Lind for Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo Europe (CSHE).

SleepAngel to test products in TalTech laboratory

TalTech – Tallinn University of Technology is SleepAngel's new testing partner for cruise ship outdoor product range.

Improving guest safety in hospitality with medical innovation

Interview with our CEO by Elliot Preece for Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo Europe, where we will participate in December 2020.

SleepAngel and Shores Europe APS partner to improve guest safety on cruise ships

The world's leading cruise line supplier adds innovative SleepAngel bedding to its collection.   

David Osgathorp on sleep and sleep environment with SleepAngel

Scott Breddy  (Celtic F.C.) and David Woolfson (SleepAngel) on sleep and sleeping environment.

World Asthma Day 2020

PneumaPure filtered bedding keeps your bed free of triggers like mould, allergens and viruses.

New hygiene standards in hospitality

Clinically clean comfort is a new standard for hospitality.

Favourite quarantine past times? Our team has some ideas

Our team has gathered some of their suggestions on things to do (next to work) at home during quarantine time.

SleepAngel pillow - effective barrier against viruses

During current uncertain times, we urge you to put even more focus on quality rest and recovery time.

Bed bugs and dust mites, who are they?

SleepAngel bedding is an effective barrier for viruses, bacterias, dust-mites and bed bugs. 

SleepAngel hospitality bedding range

SleepAngel hospitality bedding - solution for a demanding multi-use environment.

Five articles about sleep

Sleep is your superpower. Here are 5 articles for February to read on the subject.