Regular Sleep, Healthy Future

World Sleep Day is a celebration of sleep. Slogan for the 14th annual World Sleep Day is "Regular Sleep, Healthy Future."

Movistar eTeam 2021 equipped with SleepAngel

Movistar eTeam will be equipped with SleepAngel pillows, just like Movistar Team riders have been since 2019.

Napping is good for you

Studies have shown that people are at their most tired and sleep deprived after daylight savings changes. There is a remedy.

Pillow is the perfect breeding ground for pests and diseases

Article in DailyMail by Fiona Macrae focuses on pillows and the effect they can have for our health.

Matthew Walker and the secret to a good night’s rest

Matthew Walker is an English scientist and professor of neuroscience and psychology at the University of California, Berkeley. He is a public intel...

Boredom Is Good For Your Brain’s Health

Article "Why Neuroscientists Say, ‘Boredom Is Good For Your Brain’s Health" by Bryan Robinson.

Tips to optimise sleep quality

Cheri Mah's tips on how to optimise sleep quality via Financial Times.

Pillows: The Forgotten Fomite

David Woolfson and dr Duncan Bain focus on the role of soft surfaces in a chain of cross-infection.

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays and a Successful New Year from SleepAngel team!

Gabriel Scientific awarded for growth in 2020

Awards recognise growth during 2020 and contribution to the local economy during extraordinary year of 2020.

Why filtered soft surfaces?

Soft surfaces "breathe" the same way as we do, SleepAngel comes with a built in "mask" and can be disinfected on site.

How clean is your bed?

Pillows can become a fertile breeding ground for all kinds of bugs and fungi. But it does not have to be like this.