Napping is good for you

Studies have shown that people are at their most tired and sleep deprived after daylight savings changes. As different countries are heading toward turning of the clocks, then it is a perfect time to remember a free remedy for this difficult time - napping.

A nap is a short period of sleep usually taken during the day. Studies have shown that one or more short naps during the day can help increase productivity and alertness.

Here are some nap-facts:

  • nap should not last longer than 20 to 30 minutes
  • a NASA study among pilots and astronauts found that short naps can increase performance by 34% and alertness by 54%
  • napping is scientifically proven to be better for you than coffee or energy drinks as caffeine can decrease memory performance. So with added caffeine you may feel more wired, but you are also prone to making more mistakes
  • health benefits of napping include increased awareness, brain performance and a decrease in stress. One of the biggest benefits is that it keeps your heart healthy - people who nap reduce the risk of heart disease and heart related death
  • studies show that taking short afternoon naps can make you feel more happy and it can even improve your sex life
  • you get the best "nap result" if you do it regularly

SleepAngel is always ready to nap with you - either at home or while travelling.

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