Why I chose SleepAngel by pro-cyclist Mihkel Räim

Estonian cyclist Mihkel Räim is a new member of Mazowsze Serce Polski Cycling Team. He has been using SleepAngel since summer of 2020.

Read below what he thinks about sleep and why he chose SleepAngel.

Why is sleep important for you?

Sleep is the most important recovery for human and especially for an athlete. If you sleep good, you recover good and of course personally I’m a big sleeper.

Why did you choose SleepAngel pillow?

I chose SleepAngel because it is allergy and virus free. I have had some problems with pollen and other allergies and it seemed natural choice.

Miku with his travel pillow

What sleeping position do you mainly sleep in?

My favourite position is arms under the pillow and sleeping on my stomach.

Did SleepAngel pillow solve any of your sleep issues?

Yes, I don’t wake up swollen in the allergy season anymore. Before quite often in the spring and the pollen allergy period I woke up and felt like I had a hangover, without drinking anything. I’m pretty sure it was caused by allergy, especially as it is now gone. Also it has reduced a lot of sneezing in bed, running nose and itchy eyes

Is SleepAngel different from other pillows?

Yes it’s different, the material and totally something else. For allergy sufferers I recommend to try this out, especially during big virus and allergen period I think it’s big advantage to use SleepAngel products.

The choice of Mihkel Räim is Microfiber performance pillow 50x60 low (500g) and SleepAngel travel pillow.