SleepAngel is the official bedding partner for the Movistar Team. Why?

Achieving the best results is a never ending challenge, constant fine-tuning of training, nutrition and recovery. Sleep - rest and recovery - is one of the areas with a big effect on physical and mental health.

SleepAngel is the official bedding partner for the Movistar Team with a task to secure safe, sustainable and supporting recovery environment for the riders.

Q: Why would Movistar Team need a bedding partner?

A: We sleep 1/3 of our lives. While most of us realise that quality sleep is important for our emotional and physical wellbeing, sometimes we forget that the equipment we use is also important. SleepAngel provides the team with clinically clean comfort - supporting, comfortable and always clean pillow. No allergens, viruses, mould or similar can enter the bedding so they do not have to worry about contaminated bed.

The riders use SleepAngel pillows at home and as they travel so they are able to perform as expected.

Q: What is so special about the SleepAngel pillow?

A: Our story started when our inventor David Woolfson's daughter got an infection from an unclean pillow. Seeing her suffer motivated him to research cross-infection. He realised that pillows were the most critical part because they are just little mattresses for your head where you are most vulnerable. After all, that’s where you breathe, and it makes contact with eyes and ears, nose and mouth—all points of infection ingress.

The outcome was PneumaPure Filter technology, the only 100% barrier against pathogens, viruses, dust mites and other allergens combined with airflow for user comfort.

Our main product range is for healthcare, with the PERFORMANCE and HOME ranges being the choice of early adopters in elite sports, but also reaching people with allergies and asthma as a great relief.

The Movistar Team has a custom design collection to show their commitment to their performance. 

Q: Why SleepAngel pillows have filters?

A: We protect ourselves by wearing a mask. Soft surfaces (e.g. pillows) breathe too, this is how they shape under our heads and secure comfort. This is why they also need protection from external elements. SleepAngel pillows are hermetically sealed and PneumaPure filters secure ventilation, allowing only pure air to enter - no allergens, viruses, humidity and mould.

This also means that the pillows do not require machine wash or protective covers to stay clean.