Matthew Walker and the secret to a good night’s rest

Matthew Walker is one of the most known sleep scientist and evangelists. We have collected here some of this information to get you going on your sleep journey.

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Article "Sleep expert Matthew Walker on the secret to a good night’s rest" by Janan Ganesh was originally published in Financial Times in 2019 and the SleepAngel team chose favourite points to focus on:

  • It takes between 24 and 36 hours to caffeine to leave your system
  • Less than seven hours on a consistent basis is inadequate sleep. Matthew walker is sleeping 8 hours a night, 10.30pm to 6.30am
  • Sedation (sleeping pills) is not sleep
  • Sleep regularity is the key - going to bed and waking up (and getting up) the same time no matter the day.
  • Sleep trumps everything as a contributor to good health

if you prefer video to reading, here is a short clip from TED Connects, where Matthew Walker discusses the impact of sleep on mind and body -- from unleashing your creative powers to boosting your memory and immune health -- and details practices you can start (and stop) doing tonight to get some rest: