100% allergen-free pillow from SleepAngel - what does it mean?

Symptoms like sneezing, stuffiness, cough, eye redness, and eye itching can all be symptoms of allergy. One of the reasons for your allergy could be your pillow.

SleepAngel pillow with a filter is clinically tested, 100% allergen-free pillow. Read here, what does it mean.

Traditional pillow acts as a reservoir for external substances like dust (mites), hair, dandruff, pollen, sweat etc, that enter it through stitching holes and fabric pores. As you put your head on your pillow, the contents are pushed back to your eyes, ears and mouth, possibly triggering an allergic reaction.

When you try to find a clean pillow, term "allergen-free pillow" comes up a lot, but is it, if the pillow requires regular wash and vacuuming? How do you know that you get it clean?

100% allergen-free pillow with PneumaPure filter and barrier components from day one

In SleepAngel, when we say allergen-free pillow, we mean that it is and will be allergen-free:

  • no allergens, humidity, mould or even viruses can enter your SleepAngel pillow as it is hermetically sealed - no stitching holes, no pores
  • no machine wash or dry cleaning - just wipe the pillow clean and change the pillowcase as there is nothing to clean inside (nothing gets in)
  • yes, to comfort and support - quality filling materials support your best sleep according to your personal preferences

So, when we say it is 100% allergen-free, what we mean is that it will stay allergen-free without an effort. 

SafeWeld seams, PureShield fabric protection and with nano-porous PneumaPure filter for ventilation keep the pathogens, allergens, humidity, viruses etc on the outer cover of the pillow, from where they can easily be removed with a wipe.  If you wish, you can also disinfect your pillow for maximum clean result. 

SleepAngel PneumaPure filter technology is scientifically and clinically tested and proven, patent protected. Unique soft surface filter technology was invented to improve sleep hygiene for everyone, but especially for those suffering from allergies and certain respiratory conditions.

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  • PneumaPure filter technology is widely used by SleepAngel Medical bedding in hospitals and nursing homes to fight infection transmissions. Read more about our healthcare brand here: link
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