SleepAngel participates in The Road to Tokyo by Centexbel, 19-20.11.2019

SleepAngel to participate at Centexbel expo The Road to Tokyo 19-20.11.2019 in Ghent, Belgium.

Atlantic Solo Stu takes SleepAngel on its wildest journey yet. For a good cause.

Stuart Morton is on a mission to be the first person to row solo non-stop from mainland Europe (Lagos in Portugal) to USA (Miami). 

BC Khimki (Russia) meet with SleepAngel in Palanga

BC Khimki discussed an important off-field topic – sleeping equipment and recovery.

Pillow talk by Simon Austin: Celtic's fight against illness and infection

ON the eve of every game next season, Celtic’s players will arrive at their team hotel carrying a set of personalised pillows bearing their initia...

SleepAngel becomes the official partner to Celtic F.C

Jack Nayler, Celtic FC: Sleep is one of the most important recovery tools available to an athlete. 

SleepAngel becomes Team Movistar Pro Cycling bedding partner!

Life sciences company to support the Blues with its patented bedding performance range.

What’s inside your pillow?

One simple way to reduce the risk is by choosing to travel using a personal pillow.

Estonian entrepreneurs and Irish scientists have joined forces to manufacture high-tech bedding solution

The quality of sleep will change instantly with SleepAngel bedding even if a person does not suffer from asthma or allergies.

PneumaPure Travel Pillow is clean, comfortable and convenient.

PneumaPure Travel Pillow is clean, comfortable and convenient.

Sleepangel PneumaPure filter – Top Innovations of the Year 2017

ne of Top 10 innovation of the year by Canadian

PneumaPure Filter Bedding Recognized by Center of Excellence for Infection Prevention and Control

New innovation to help health care organizations with patient care.

Welcome to Nordic Sleep Conference in Tallinn!

Welcome to 17th Nordic Sleep Conference organised by the Estonian Sleep Medicine Association.