Five articles about sleep

Sleep is your superpower. As a reminder, we have collected some articles for you with tips to help you, when you loose sleep in the middle of the night, try to find ways to reduce your child's anxiety or find a way to talk to your colleague, who has different understanding of active working times. Fact is, that we need sufficient sleep to perform. 

To get you started, find your required sleep times at The National Sleep Foundation article and enjoy below articles around the world:

  • According to a 2016 Consumer Reports survey, 68% of Americans struggle with sleep at least once a week. Huffpost article "Here's What Sleep Doctors Do When They Can't Fall Asleep At Night" gives you 14 advices from sleep doctors on what to do when they loose sleep. Read more: link
  • Consistent, uninterrupted sleep goes beyond preserving and improving your body. Just as importantly, a good night’s sleep is essential when it comes to building a better and healthier brain.  brings out why we should get sufficient sleep and what toosl to use to make it happen. Read more: link
  • How do you function effectively with co-workers who have drastically different ideas about when is a good time to get work done? The New York Times article "How Morning and Afternoon People Can Get Along at Work" points out good ideas on how to keep piece in the office. Read more: link
  • Sleep hygiene and habits are important from early on, especially if you read that University of Warwick researchers have found that anxiety, impulsive behaviour and poor cognitive performance in children is affected by the amount of sleep they have. Read more: link
  • While it is still popular to think that less sleep is the key to success, more and more researches tend to prove otherwise. The Harvard Business Review article "Entrepreneurs Who Sleep More Are Better at Spotting Good Ideas" is a good reminder, why rest and recovery are basis for great business decisions: Read more: link

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Photo: Henrik Sorensen/Getty Images, Harvard Business Review