We are dedicated to the design and manufacturing of sleep products that provide pure environment for our rest and recovery time.  
SleepAngel is our bedding range (pillows, mattresses, toppers, duvets etc.) with patent protected PneumaPure filtration secures, that bedding is ventilated, breathable and comfortable. SleepAngel bedding is clinically proven barrier to pathogens, allergens and dustmites. The only thing getting inside your bedding is Pure Air. 
The award winning PneumaPure filter technology was originally designed to provide a pure patient environment in a clinical setting. Then applied to rest and recovery products for elite athletes. And now it is available for you - so you can rest and recover risk-free.
Movistar GelFlex pillow
  • €135,00
SleepAngel Memory Foam Pillow Set
  • €120,00
SleepAngel Microfibre Pillow
  • €90,00
SleepAngel GelFlex Pillow Set
  • €135,00
SleepAngel Microfibre Pillow Set
  • €110,00
SleepAngel Kids Pillow
  • €70,00
SleepAngel Travel Pillow Set
  • €90,00
SleepAngel Memory Foam Pillow
  • €120,00