SleepAngel is dedicated to the design and manufacture of healthier sleep products that provide pure comfort and protection for everyone, everywhere we sleep. SleepAngel is our range of bedding (pillows, mattresses, etc.) that has our patented PneumaPure filter, proven to purify the air in our intimate environment – where we put our head, where we breathe as we rest and sleep.
PneumaPure filtration is clinically and scientifically proven to prevent bugs, allergens and microbes from getting into or out of your sleep product. In fact, the only thing that can do that is “pure air”.
The award winning PneumaPure filter technology was originally designed to provide a pure patient environment in a clinical setting and then we applied it to rest and recovery products for elite athletes. And now we apply it to all rest, sleep and recovery products for home, hotel and travel. PneumaPure filter technology is patent protected globally.
Movistar GelFlex pillow
  • €135,00
SleepAngel Memory Foam Pillow Set
  • €120,00
SleepAngel Kids Pillow
  • €70,00
SleepAngel Microfibre Pillow Set
  • €110,00
SleepAngel GelFlex Pillow Set
  • €135,00
SleepAngel Microfibre Pillow
  • €90,00
SleepAngel Travel Pillow Set
  • €90,00
SleepAngel Memory Foam Pillow
  • €100,00