SleepAngel and Movistar Team to continue partnership in 2020

Performance bedding company SleepAngel and pro cycling Movistar Team will continue partnership to support team’s performance through risk free recovery time. Movistar Team’s recovery toolset will continue to include patent protected SleepAngel bedding.

Getting a good night’s sleep is the best thing to improve physical and mental health. SleepAngel innovative, patent protected, and comfortable sleeping equipment keeps the air pure when you need it the most.

Nutrition, hydration and recovery are the three pillars supporting maximum performance. SleepAngel and Movistar Team cooperation started in 2019 with the aim to reduce risks to rider’s health during recovery time and will continue also in 2020. “We are happy to support Movistar Team to achieve their best results. SleepAngel filtered bedding supports marginal gain theory and reduces risks for Movistar Team’s health,” says Sven Jürisoo, founder and CEO of SleepAngel.

More than sleep: care

Training, nutrition and hydration have already received data-based decision process, sleep (process) and recovery (goal) are now following along.

In 2019, Movistar Team started to use SleepAngel PneumaPure filtered bedding to secure clean sleeping environment at home and during their extensive travels. With the renewed cooperation, SleepAngel R&D team and Movistar Team Performance team are looking into ways to add more research to understanding how rest and recovery influences riders and their performance.

“SleepAngel bedding is a lot more than improving the sleeping process. As our team’s active competition time is long, we need to reduce any risks we can during this period. Securing supportive and uniform recovery conditions at home and during races is a big step in keeping them healthy” says head of performance Patxi Vila.

SleepAngel bedding – clinically tested comfort

SleepAngel bedding is a combination of innovations aimed to keep bedding uncontaminated. Bedding has a nano-porous PneumaPure filter that allows the pillow to breathe, ventilate and be comfortable while being a 100% barrier to air and liquid borne allergens and pathogens. SleepAngel bedding protects sleeper and their performance from whatever might otherwise have infected or triggered an allergic response in the athlete.

Lyane Lind, SleepAngel R&D Director: “Cooperation with the greatest pro cycling Movistar Team has given us new insight on how our technology can further be used to support elite sports. We are happy to provide the riders and support team with best tools for rest and recovery and also looking forward to possible research possibilities in 2020.”

Juan Pablo Molinero, CMO of Movistar Team: “partnering with SleepAngel is a qualitative advantage for our team. Small details bring victories. Improving the quality of the sleeping and reducing risks improves the recovery process. Many victories will come from here”. 

Movistar Team 2020 participated in SleepAngel Pillow fitting workshop in Calpe and will receive their updated pillow sets with custom Movistar design in February. Pillows are available for everyone at