Pillow talk by Simon Austin: Celtic's fight against illness and infection

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ON the eve of every game next season, Celtic’s players will arrive at their team hotel carrying a set of personalised pillows bearing their initials and squad number.

This will be more than mere monograming though. Each member of the first-team squad has already been to a workshop and had bespoke pillows made, tailored to their own sleeping style and preferences, by an Estonian company called SleepAngel.

Perhaps most crucially of all, the pillows have a unique ‘Pneumapure’ filter (below), which prevent pathogens, including bacteria, viruses and fungus from going in or out. This might all sound a little trivial, until you consider how many people have slept - and slobbered - on a standard hotel pillow before it's used.

One study by The Barts and London NHS Trust found 30 different types of infection in a sample of pillows taken from hospital wards.

SleepAngel has been a big player in the medical world for some time and is now targeting elite sport. In clinical trials, the Pneumapure filter has been shown to be 100% effective in preventing the ingress of pathogens, including nasties such as norovirus, C. difficile and MRSA.


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