SleepAngel becomes Team Movistar Pro Cycling bedding partner!

Giro de Italia Movistar Sleepangel

SleepAngel becomes Team Movistar Pro Cycling bedding partner!

Life sciences company to support the Blues with its patented bedding performance range, looking to help both women’s and men’s teams with sleep, a crucial element in their recovery.

“Protecting Performance” are the watchwords that informed the Movistar Team’s decision to appoint SleepAngel Pro as an official partner to the Spanish cycling squad. The company’s Performance Bedding filter technology – PneumaPure – is a clinically proven barrier to pathogens and allergens. Following significant advances in hydration and nutrition, sleep science has come into sharp focus for elite sport. Riders picking up bugs or responding to allergic triggers at home and in hotels can cause respiratory impairment or “5% under” syndrome on race days.

The enabling component of the technology is the nano-porous PneumaPure filter medium which in essence allows the pillow or topper to breathe, ventilate and be comfortable while being a 100% barrier to air and liquid-borne allergens and pathogens. That way performance is protected from whatever might otherwise have infected or triggered and allergic response in the athlete.

“We will be supplying ‘Movistar Team Performance Sleep Kits’ to every Team member,” said Scotsman, Steven Lardner, Director of Global Performance Sleep for SleepAngel and a keen sportsman himself. “That entails a travel pillow, regular pillow and a mattress topper all enabled with PneumaPure filter covers. In addition, the topper will provide a specialist feature of enhanced interface pressure reduction to cyclists. After a hard day on the road enhanced protection of bony prominences and soft tissue is important.”

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David Woolfson, Chairman of SleepAngel added: “We are so pleased to start our partnership with the Blues in their record-setting 40th consecutive year in pro cycling. This partnership is our first in cycling and given the Movistar Team’s phenomenal reach it will help us bring the advanced sleep science benefits of SleepAngel Pro to the global cycling community.”

It is a big step forward in the fields of performance and wellness improvement for the riders and the entire Team. To partner with the most advanced company in Performance Bedding is a huge competitive advantage for us,” stated Juan Pablo Molinero, CMO of the Movistar Team. “Our riders will have the most advanced technology also during the rest hours”.

SleepAngel has partnered globally with teams and athletes across a range of elite sports including football, rugby, ice hockey and American football.