Swedish swimmer Kristina Orban joins SleepAngel team

Swedish swimmer Kristina Orban is the newest SleepAngel ambassador. Orban, who excels in 200-meter free swim, is among the 16 best swimmers in Sweden. 

SleepAngel is committed to helping each individual get a comfortable and soothing sleep with PneumaPure bedding. Unique technology keeps the content of the pillow clean and recovery risk free.  

Next to hydration and nutrition, recovery has become the priority area in elite sports as the harder the training, the more sleep you need to recover and bounce back. Also, being properly rested supports mental strength that is especially important while achieving high targets. 

New partnership with swimmer Kristina Orban (born 2004) is an excellent example of how recovery is part of swimmers training plan to secure sustainable development and achieve set targets.

Kristina Orban with SleepAngel pillow

“As we are focusing more on sleep, rest and recovery, we also start to look at the tools we use for it. SleepAngel PneumaPure filter technology bedding has become a favorite recovery tool for many elite sports teams and we are happy to welcome Kristina Orban to SleepAngel team,” says Sven Jürisoo, CEO and founder of SleepAngel.


SleepAngel bedding is suggested recovery equipment for elite sports professionals as picking up bugs or responding to allergic triggers at home and in hotels can cause respiratory impairment or “5% under” syndrome. By using SleepAngel bedding at home and travels, it is possible to reduce risks during recovery time and secure maximum performance during race days. 

Kristina Orban participated in Swedish Championships in short track in Eskilstuna 12-17. November, where she achieved bronze with Malmö Kappsimningsklubb team in 4x50 m free swim and achieved 6th place in 200 m free swim. Next up is national competition SUM-SIM in Umeå 6-8. December.

"It's important to focus on sleep and recovery if you want to perform. The conditions for sleep are also important. A well aired, ventilated room, dust mite free pillows and duvets are the perfect solution for best recovery and SleepAngel pillows and duvets contributes to these conditions perfectly," commented Orban’s parents.

"I appreciate the new cooperation with the talented swimmer Kristina Orban and SleepAngel. She has shown that she can go really far, and she is very aware of the importance of good sleep and recovery to be able to perform at the best," says Mikael Greitans of SleepAngel Sweden (The Quality Living).

Unique product technology from Estonia – Where the Air is Pure

SleepAngel products are unique due to PneumaPure filter technology that is originally created for infection prevention in medical sector bedding. PneumaPure filter technology prevents the colonization of different bacteria, dust mites and other allergens that are commonly found in bedding (mattresses, pillows etc.).