SleepAngel becomes the official partner to Celtic F.C

Celtic FC Sleepangel

SleepAngel becomes the official partner to Celtic F.C


“Protecting Performance” are the watchwords that informed Celtic Football Club’s decision to appoint SleepAngel as an official partner to the club. The company’s bedding filter technology – PneumaPure – is a clinically proven barrier to pathogens and allergens. Following significant advances in hydration and nutrition, sleep science has come into sharp focus for elite sport. Players require pure sleep environments rather than picking up bugs or responding to allergic triggers that can cause respiratory impairment or “5% under syndrome” especially on match day.

 “We will be supplying the “Pure Recovery” range to every squad member,” said Scotsman, Steven Lardner, Head of Global Business Development for SleepAngel and a lifelong Celtic fan. “That entails a travel pillow, regular pillow and a mattress topper all enabled with PneumaPure filter covers. The topper is anatomic and will also help prevent muscle injury during sleep – think Marcelo missing Brazil’s world cup finals game against Serbia,” he continued following the signing event at Celtic Park. 

Jack Nayler, Head of Sport Science with Celtic FC –

 Sleep is one of the most important recovery tools available to an athlete. We are pleased to begin this unique partnership that will help us to help the players maximize the quality of their rest and recovery and aid us in preventing illness.”

Celtic Sleepangel

Jack Nayler with the SleepAngel Celtic FC Recovery pillow

SleepAngel Celtic FC Recovery pillow

President Michael D. Higgins presents SleepAngel with the Irish Times/Intertrade Ireland Innovation Award for PneumaPure technology in 2012.

Chairperson for the company, David Woolfson said “This is a watershed moment for SleepAngel. The Celtic deal is great for the company because it is an Irish technology and because the sports science approved Pure Recovery range carrying the Celtic logo will be launching in the Celtic Mega Stores this week as they bid for the Treble Treble. It is the first of many deals with elite sports that are at various stages of completion and that includes top tier football teams across Europe, elite rugby at club and international level, ice hockey and more.”