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Movistar GelFlex Pillow Set
Movistar GelFlex Pillow Set
Movistar GelFlex Pillow Set
Movistar GelFlex Pillow Set

Movistar GelFlex Pillow Set

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SleepAngel goes PRO

We provide a controlled and comfortable environment for rest and recovery. That's why our pillows are used by elite athletes and sports teams.

SleepAngel products are exactly what I was after when it comes to rest and have definitely improved my Sleep and Recovery Cycle. The pillows perfectly mould to your shape and come in various sizes so you can mix and match to find your perfect fit. Not to mention their “amazing hygiene purposes too, keeping me fit, healthy and happy.

Murray McCallum
Edinburgh Rugby Player and Scotland International Rugby Player

Each player now has a set of personalised pillows & mattress topper bearing their initials and squad number. This is more than personalisation though. Each player has attended a workshop at the training ground from the guys at SleepAngel and had their bespoke pillows made, tailored to their own sleeping style and preferences. Most crucially of all, the products have a unique ‘Pneumapure’ filter which prevent pathogens, including bacteria, viruses and fungus from going in or out. When you consider how often these guys travel and use different hotels, there have been many people who have slept on a standard hotel pillow before it's used by our players. SleepAngel help us reduce the risk of contamination while maintaining a consistency of the preferred pillow and comfort style in order to aid the players sleep and recovery. In clinical trials, the Pneumapure filter has been shown to be 100% effective in preventing the ingress of pathogens, including norovirus, C. difficile and MRSA. This strong scientific background is very important for us. Infection and illness is perhaps a relatively unexplored area in football, but you can lose a player for two or three crucial days a season because of illness. This might come at a critical time of the season, which will really affect the team. There is good research showing there is an increased risk of illness during congested fixture periods, and SleepAngel might give us the ability to reduce that risk, while also giving the players a level of comfort tailored to their alignment and sleeping style.

Scott Breddy
Sports Scientist Celtic FC

I am very pleased that MovistarTeam has partnered with SleepAngel to give us the best possible kit for recovery. The SleepAngel Team worked with the MovistarTeam riders separately and specified a pillow for each of us that fits our personal comfort level. A Comfortable and hypoallergenic pillow is a massive improvement for our recovery.

Alejandro Valverde
WorldChampion 2018

I’m thoroughly enjoying having my SleepAngel Pro pillow. It's become part of my travel pack for games & as I’m back & forward between houses & hotels a lot, I take it everywhere with me. Great consistency in sleep, all down to my SleepAngel pillow.

Stuart Hogg
Scotland Rugby International and Glasgow Warriors player

Sleep Is One of the most important recovery tools available to an athlete. We are pleased to begin this unique partnership that will help us to help the players maximize the quality of their rest and recovery.

Jack Nayler
Head of Sports Science at Celtic FC

It's a big step forward in the Fields of performance and wellness improvement for the riders and the entire Team. To partner with the most advanced company in the Performance Bedding is a huge competitive advantage for us. Our riders will have the most advanced technology also during the rest hours.

Juan Pablo Molinero
CMO at MovistarTeam Pro Cycling