SleepAngel hospitality bedding range

Travelling can be difficult for your rest and recovery time. Finding comfortable place to sleep in multi-use environments like hotels and Airbnb apartments is tough, adding requirements like "clean" and "suitable for people with dust mite allergies" creates additional challenge for both parties. 

SleepAngel Hospitality bedding range with PneumaPure filter technology:

  • stays clean inside;
  • is clinically tested to be an effective barrier to viruses, bacterias, liquids, dust mites and other living creatures like bed bugs;
  • is comfortable

and therefore gives a positive solution to challenging equation for event the most demanding customer. Read more: SleepAngel Hospitality Bedding Range

It also adds some additional bonuses for the hospitality facility, like:

  • easier cleaning procedures - no need for machine washing, just wipe it clean and add a new cover;
  • improved sustainability - 2-year warranty, no water waste;
  • piece of mind - clinically tested product technology originating from medical sector.

If your hotel is not equipped with SleepAngel bedding, we suggest you bring your own pillow - find the selection of pillow sets and travel pillow on our product section.

Here are some tips and articles on what to focus on while travelling, to make sure you sleep in clean environment and do not bring home any unwanted quests:

  • article focuses on hotel room cleaning procedures and the challenges staff encounters when they have to clean a room in limited time. It also brings out some areas that most likely are skipped during routine cleaning;
  • Did you know, there is no clear and common requirement for exchanging your pillow in the hotel. While we suggest you not to think about this, a pillow is usually exchanged, when it looks like it needs changing. As we can read in Jetsetter online magazine "The Germiest Spots in Your Hotel Room" article: "While many hotels change and wash sheets frequently, surprisingly, pillows, blankets, and bedspreads sometimes get left out.";
  • The French government campaign in 2020 (!) to combat bedbugs in homes and hotels cost billions of dollars annually to exterminate. 2016 study found that bed bugs had become resistant to pesticides and in Paris, extermination experts say 400,000 addresses including hotels, apartments and houses were treated in 2018 - a third more than the previous year. Read more in The Guardian article "Paris launches emergency bed bugs hotline".

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