SleepAngel and Shores Europe APS new partnership

The world's leading cruise line interior designer and furniture supplier Shores Europe APS includes virus, humidity and allergen proof SleepAngel bedding and soft surface products to its portfolio.

“Cruise ships operate in the most demanding conditions with highest standards for client comfort and safety, at the same time quality, durability and sustainability targets need to be achieved. Our innovative PneumaPure filtered soft surface product line will help to achieve these targets and this is why our product line is now part of Shores Europe APS product portfolio,” says Sven Jürisoo, CEO and founder of SleepAngel.

PneumaPure filtered soft surface products (pillows, mattresses, toppers, duvets etc.) are an effective barrier to liquids, humidity, viruses, allergens and pathogens, they do not require machine wash (can be disinfected on site) and can improve safety and sustainability for cruise ships without making compromises in comfort.

Susan Sadolin, owner and CEO of Shores Europe APS, started the company in 2007 and has over 30 years of experience in the outdoor furniture and fabrics industry. Today, Susan is an integral part of the innovation found in Shores marine and cruise products – company is always on the cutting edge of technology when it comes to this industry.  

Susan Sadolin Shores Europe APS“We are happy to be able to partner with SleepAngel to what amounts to a game-changer. We don’t use that term lightly, but with the SleepAngel pillow and bedding products, that we are now a sole supplier of to the marine industry we feel comfortable saying it! We are putting together product sheets and pricing and know when you see the capability and quality of these products you will agree with us. We look forward to helping you all make your customers feel safe and comfortable,” says Susan Sadolin, Shores Europe APS.

Growing with our partners – the new outdoor product range

SleepAngel home, medical and hospitality bedding (pillows, duvets, toppers, mattresses etc.) ranges are already known and utilised around the world. With entering to the cruise ship industry, SleepAngel will add a new outdoor lounge furniture range to its’ portfolio: “Outdoor furniture is one of the most demanding areas on the cruise ship as it is constantly damaged by sun, sea air and humidity, damped soft surfaces are also an ideal place for the mould and mildew to grow. We can offer a solution with our unique PneumaPure product technology – outdoor range with soft surfaces that can handle the weather, can be easily cleaned, does not gain weight and is comfortable and safe for users,” says Lyane Lind, founder and R&D director of SleepAngel.

Focus on sustainability

Both Shores Europe APS and SleepAngel have set sustainability as one of their focus areas. Innovative SleepAngel products support sustainability efforts by changing the way we work with soft surfaces. PneumaPure filtered products stay clean inside due to combination of innovations and the outer cover can be easily cleaned with disinfectants. They are safe for people with dust allergies and asthma and secure that each new client experiences as-new sleeping environment. SleepAngel bedding product are produced in Estonia, 90% of the production materials are sourced within Europe. 

Read more about the companies:

  • Shores Europe APS is the market leader in furniture and fabrics to the hotel & cruise industry. Shores Europe APS
  • SleepAngel is the owner of scientifically proven and patent protected PneumaPure technology. SleepAngel