SleepAngel bedding - from healthcare to hospitality and private homes

SleepAngel's mother company Gabriel Scientific OÜ was awarded with a "Crisis breaker of the year" award in 2020 to recognise entrepreneurs of Pärnu area, who managed to overcome the effects of the corona crisis or who seized the unexpected opportunities and thus emerged from the crisis as winners.

SleepAngel bedding is Gabriel Scientific OÜ's product line created to improve intimate bed environment hygiene with innovative filtered bedding products.

Here is a link to an article, where organisers of the price asked, what Gabriel Scientific team has been doing in 2021. Link to original article (in Estonian): 

Pärnus toodetud innovaatilist SleepAngel patja hindavad üha rohkem ka tavatarbijad by Hando Murumägi

The winner for the Crisis breaker award in 2020 was Gabriel Scientific OÜ, whose product ranges SleepAngel Medical and SleepAngel PneumaPure bedding products offer protection not only from viruses, but also from all kinds of allergens, liquids and pathogens. Their work was so impressive that Luminor, the competition's partner, decided to give them their special prize.

We asked them how their year has passed. We also learned that their pillow was taken to the Olympics by Spanish rider Alejandro Valverde and Richard Carapaz, who won Olympic gold for Ecuador.

How and do you value the recognition received in last year's competition? Did it come as a surprise to you?

Thank you for your recognition, it was an extremely positive surprise for all of us, especially after this difficult and very busy year. 2020 was very challenging for everyone, and we were no different in this situation. We adapted to the new situation as quickly as possible and made sure to provide the best conditions for our employees and customers.

This meant that 2020 was about expanding, investing, growing our team and also our customer base. Our unique and patented soft surface technology is designed to fight infection transmission, we were able to increase the safety of hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare facilities so that they do not become infection centres; at the same time they can reduce environment footprint and costs in the long run with SleepAngel products.

How have you been doing in 2021?

Society has moved from a panic to an adaptation phase - we have more information about Covid-19 and therefore many areas have moved back to previous routines. Our main field of work (medical bedding products) is mostly characterised by the expression of "new normal", which means that the fight against transmission of infections, healthcare acquired infections and focus on hygiene has become the new reality.

SleepAngel branded product range has also expanded from hospitals and care homes to hotels and individuals, who want their immediate environment to be clean and safe. While our products are already relatively well-known here in Estonia, there is still a large number of people for whom soft surfaces, sleep hygiene and the impact of sleep on the quality of our lives are still new. 

What are your plans for the future and how do they relate to the development of Pärnu?

Our company - our people, R&D, HQ and production, from where we supply products all over the world - has been located in Pärnu since the day we we founded this company. We have made significant investments during these years to our people and premises and therefore strengthened our presence here even more firmly.

Our unique and patented SleepAngel branded products are sent from here to our global customers to improve environmental safety in hospitals, nursing homes, hotels and private homes.

The latest product line from Gabriel Scientific / SleepAngel Medical was created for children's hospitals to make the healing process happier. Product feature both infection prevention functionalities and vibrant patterns. Collaboration was created by Gabriel Scientific's R&D director Lyane Lind and a local Pärnu artist Helje Vaas.