The fifth Olympic Games for Alejandro Valverde

It was the fifth time for Alejandro Valverde to represent Spain at the Olympics. To secure his safe and uniform rest and recovery, he travels with his SleepAngel pillow.

Valverde - nicknamed "El Bala" or "The Bullet" - has been participating at the Olympics since 2004 and this year he was the oldest participant at the elite men's road race at 41 years old.

We were extremely proud to be with his journey to Japan. As his long term carer and friend Juan Carlos Escámez said about travelling with the pillow: "Of course we always travel with SleepAngel, is it part of the fundamentals."

Choice of El Bala? Firm and supporting Gel Flex pillow from Movistar custom design pillow that comes with a special design cover and a carry bag.

Supporting elite teams since 2019

SleepAngel has been the official bedding partner for the Movistar since 2019. All the riders use SleepAngel's filtered bedding at home and while at tour.

Pictured here SleepAngel Movistar Team collection at their transport van, transported to next location. 

Our aim at SleepAngel is to focus on clean rest and recovery environment as it plays important role for the quality of sleep and life. PneumaPure filtered bedding products stay clean inside due to unique and patent protected filter and fabric innovation, originally created to fight infection transmission in healthcare. 

This technology is now adapted to be used outside of healthcare, one of the first early adapters being pro cycling The Movistar Team.