Thank you for purchasing SleepAngel bedding! Please read this instruction carefully before use.

About SleepAngel

SleepAngel bedding supports Your rest and recovery time with clean and comfortable environment.  

SleepAngel bedding is a combination of innovations – a waterproof impermeable cover, safe weld non-sewn seams and nano-porous PneumaPure filter which ventilates the pillow while blocking germs and allergens* from getting inside.




After unpacking, please allow SleepAngel to rest at room temperature for three hours to allow filling materials assume their shape. 

Defect or breakage 

If the PneumaPure filter is broken or moved or if the pillow surface is breached or torn, barrier properties of this product will not function correctly. Damaged products should be discarded. Defective products are covered under the terms of your warranty. Your statutory rights are not affected. 

Using your SleepAngel bedding

SleepAngel bedding allows ventilation only through nano-porous PneumaPure filter, this causes the product to respond slowly to the pressure of your head and body. This “slow surrender” is unique to our products and proves that the product is working correctly. We recommend that you allow one week to acclimate to your new SleepAngel.

SleepAngel should be used with a suitable linen.

Washing and cleaning

SleepAngel bedding is waterproof and stain resistant so taking care of it is easy and sustainable:

  • Do not hand or machine wash, dry clean, bleach or iron;
  • Avoid abrasive scrubbing of the PneumaPure Filter;
  • If soiled, wash under cold running water;
  • For general hygiene, wipe down with a damp cloth.

Producer information

SleepAngel bedding is produced in Pärnu, Estonia. Our product technology originates from healthcare and is proven in leading laboratories in EU and USA. Our product technology is unique, patent protected and aimed to support Your best rest and recovery.


*This pillow design is a certified mechanical barrier to the ingress of ALLERGENS: Dust Mite Allergen, Cat Allergen; BACTERIA: MRSA, Pseudomonas aeruginosa; MOLD: Candida albicans, Aspergillus niger;VIRUSES: Influenza Type A, Adenivirus 5. Source: Airmid Healthgroup Laboratories, Sept. 2012.