SleepAngel pillow - effective barrier against viruses

Getting a good nights' sleep is the best you can do for your physical and mental health. During current uncertain times (khm, Coronavirus), we urge you to put even more focus on quality rest and recovery time.

Sleeping in a clean and risk-free sleeping environment is a good start.

Why focus on the pillow?

Dr Duncan Bain and David Woolfson suggest in their research “Pillows: The Forgotten Fomite that the pillow is an often-overlooked link in a chain of cross-infection: "Standard pillows become colonised by organisms as environmental contamination takes place via the stitching holes and fabric of the pillows. This is particularly acute in multiple users bedding environments like hotels, hostels and hospitals, but also when travelling or at home".

Pillows present an ideal reservoir for pathogens, for a number of reasons - the porosity of the filling material provides a high surface area for colonisation, and a high capillarity for moisture retention. Favourable conditions are provided also by the sleeper: ideal temperature for incubation, humidity, and nutrition by body fluids and inoculation by the nose, mouth, eyes, ears, and hair of the patient.

Washing your pillow regularly is a partial solution as not all pathogens die, pillow loses its' shape and additionally there is waste of water. But there is alternative option.

Pillow that stays clean

Some years ago, we created an innovation for healthcare - hermetically sealed bedding with PneumaPure filter technology - to fight healthcare-associated infections (cross-infection between patients). 

After some fine tuning, we realised it also provides solution for home and hospitality to offer "as good as new" sleeping environment every night. 

SleepAngel pillows act as an effective barrier to allergens, pathogens, viruses (incl. Coronavirus), mould and bugs (bed bugs, dust mites). It stays clean inside due to combination of innovations and needs only minor maintaining externally.

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