Why I chose SleepAngel by Crossfit athlete Emma Tall

19th Crossfit athlete in the world, swimmer in the past, focus on optimizing training, nutrition, sleep and minimizing stress – Emma Tall is passionate in achieving greatness and distributing her wide knowledge to others.

In the summer of 2021 she added SleepAngel’s innovation to her recovery toolset to improve her sleep hygiene and reduce possible triggers for nonallergic asthma. SleepAngel is now available on Trademax.se for Swedish market.

Emma Tall is 29-year-old Crossfit athlete, who sets an example of hard work and consistency with her daily focus on training, nutrition, sleep, and reduced stress. With constant focus on self-development and many achieved certifications and qualifications, she is also a personal trainer to help others to realise their potential.  

As of 2021 she is using SleepAngel pillows to protect her performance as she sleeps. We asked her some questions on why is sleep important for her. 

Emma Tall: „Pushing limits, being uncomfortable, evolve and get better day by day is what I live for. I love the reward of hard work. And I love effort. It doesn’t matter where you start or who you are. As long as you put in the effort you will always get the result“


SleepAngel asks:

Why is sleep important for you?

It is important for my health, but also for the performance – If I sleep well, I recover faster and can train harder. 

Why did you choose SleepAngel pillow?

They are the comfiest and cleanest pillows I’ve ever tried. I love that they keep fresh and are comfortable to sleep on.

The travel pillow is the biggest difference compared to past experience – it is perfect as it is comfortable and supporting, as it has rectangular shape, I can use it during the whole trip and as a support pillow as I relax at home.

Travel pillow would otherwise be potential germ collector, but with SleepAngel I do not have to worry about it – for cleaning I wipe clean the pillow (and disinfect if the trip has been to a more interesting place :) ) and wash the pillowcase. No unwanted visitors coming home with me.

What sleeping position do you mainly sleep in?  

Usually, I sleep on my right side (due to old left shoulder injury) or back. I like to have my head very high, so I use two pillows (firm Performance memory foam pillow and fluffy Performance microfiber) as I sleep, high position also takes away pressure from my shoulders.

Did SleepAngel pillow solve any of your sleep issues?

I was diagnosed with non-allergic asthma when I was three years old. Non-allergic asthma means that your asthma is triggered by factors other than allergens, like extreme weather or a respiratory infection, so being in the pool for next 12 years probably did not help the situation :) as this kind of asthma has multiple triggers some of which include stress and extreme heat, but also cold or dry air, respiratory infections, or viruses etc. It is always with me, but I have tried to find ways to prevent the asthma attacks as recovering from them takes 2-3 days and this means very difficult training.

SleepAngel pillow is allergen free and barrier to viruses, so I can make sure that the nearest area to my nose, mouth and eyes is always clean. Even if I have non-allergic asthma, the triggers can include dust or other potential environmental pollutants that can enter traditional pillows.

Is SleepAngel different from other pillows?  

It feels more like a pillow for life and not a pillow you have to get rid of after a year or two. It does not require machine washing (just wipe clean, disinfect, change the pillowcase), so I expect it to keep the shape for much longer.
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What is non-allergic asthma?

Non-allergic asthma, or non-atopic asthma, is a type of asthma that isn't related to an allergy trigger like pollen or dust and is less common than allergic asthma. The causes are not well understood, but it often develops later in life, and can be more severe. Read more: https://asthma.net/types/intrinsic-nonallergic

What is SleepAngel?

SleepAngel’s pillow with a filter is an innovation originally created to stop infection transmission in healthcare. Unique barrier components (Safeweld seams, Pureshielf fabric protection) and a nano-porous PneumaPure filter mean that SleepAngel bedding products are a barrier to allergens, viruses, pathogens, liquids etc and therefore do not require machine wash or vacuuming, products are wipe clean (we suggest weekly during bed linen change) and can also be disinfected to secure maximum safety in bed.


Sleep like Emma Tall:

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