Why filtered soft surfaces?

We spend roughly 1/3 of our lives sleeping. We also spend on average 15,7 hours per day at home (even more during the pandemic). Are you sure, that your environment is supporting you? 

SleepAngel is a producer of filtered bedding products, originally created for healthcare, now adapted with comfort features for hospitality and home usage.

"We believe, that everyone should sleep Where the Air is Pure," says founder and CEO Sven Jürisoo and adds "We protect ourselves and others from viruses by wearing a mask and washing our hands. Soft surfaces (e.g. pillows, duvets) also "breathe", therefore need similar protection and care."

SleepAngel product innovation allows the user to not to worry about the content of the bedding as it stays clean inside due to three main barriers:

  • durable, soft touch and high performance textile
  • welded seams instead of stitching holes
  • a built in "mask", a nano porous PneumaPure filter, that allows only pure air to enter the bedding.

These three barrier components secure, that allergens, viruses, pathogens etc. stay on the cover of the bedding, from where they can easily be removed.

Result? Comfortable and always as new sleeping environment. In addition, the bedding is easy to clean (no machine wash or dry cleaning) - if soiled, wash under running water. For general hygiene, wipe down with a damp cloth or disinfectant wipes. And do not to forget to wash your hands too!

PneumaPure filtered bedding provides relief for people with allergies and asthma, is the choice of elite athletes to reduce risks during recovery, suitable for anyone focusing on rest and recovery in a clean environment.