SleepAngel pillows now available on

Selected pillows from SleepAngel HOME collection are now available on Russia's leading multi-category e-commerce platform.

SleepAngel's filtered pillow supports your recovery with a clean environment when you need it the most - no allergens, no stains, no smells. is a multi-category e-commerce platform that helps customers to find product offerings from sellers of all sizes. SleepAngel is now part of the platform's wide bedding selection and offers clinically tested and proven pillows for the most demanding users.

The core of SleepAngel bedding products is PneumaPure filter technology, originally created to fight infection transmission in hospitals. Due to overall increased awareness about importance of sleep and sleep environment, SleepAngel is now available for home users to bring safe, supporting and sustainable products to wider audiences.

Healthy sleeping environment with minimum effort

SleepAngel's unique and patent protected filter and fabric technology is fundamentally different from traditional bedding products, but with the same comfort and support features as you would expect. The pillow has three barrier components keeping it clean:

  • PureShield fabric protection - stain repellant cover textile
  • SafeWeld seams - no stitching holes for allergens, pathogens or dust mites to enter
  • PneumaPure filter - for clean air ventilation, nano-porous filter allows only clean air to enter.

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