SleepAngel provides comfort and protection your guests need

Hotels are homes to millions of guests night after night. So many of us wonder, who used our pillow and bedding before us. And what germs might be left for us to breathe in?

Sleepangel Hotel

Dust mite colonies are just one of the bedding health risks for guests. But there are nastier health risks from bacterial infections that reside in moisture droplets and can live inside bedding for up to 72 hours.

Such as MRSA, Strep and Influenza (flu).

Non-allergenic rooms are “the new non-smoking room”

Research in USA found:*

– 83% of guests would choose non-allergenic rooms when given the choice

– 59% of guests would select a hotel with non-allergenic rooms over a hotel without.

* Cornell University Survey Research Institute

SleepAngel bedding is scientifically proven to block bacteria, mold, dander and allergens.

There are three main barrier compounds:

A patented  PneumaPure Filter technology that allows air in and out while blocking germs and allergens.

Sleepangel Hotel 01

SafeWeldTM  heat sealed seams provide complete barrier- no stitching holes.

Sleepangel Hotel 02

PureShieldTM fabric is durable, soft touch and high performance textile. Heat and vapour permeable, but impermeable to germs and allergens. Liquid proof.

Sleepangel Hotel 03