Why I chose SleepAngel by author and speaker Siim Land

Siim Land is a self-published bestselling author and an online entrepreneur. His topics cover ranges from health and fitness to productivity and mindset.

He regularly touches importance of sleep and has been using SleepAngel pillow since April 2020.


Why is sleep important for you?

Sleep is important to me because it helps me to recover from exercise and improves my productivity. 

Why did you choose SleepAngel pillow?

I chose the SleepAngel pillow because it is a convenient and a healthy option - I prefer hygiene and clean air around my head as I sleep. 

What sleeping position do you mainly sleep in?

I mostly sleep on either my left side or back 

Did SleepAngel pillow solve any of your sleep issues?

The pillow helps me to stay in a better position when sleeping on my side. 

Is SleepAngel different from other pillows?

It is definitely different and with better form than other pillows. 

SleepAngel pillow is a fabric and filter innovation - no allergens, no pathogens, no viruses. Unique technology, patent protected, clinically tested and proven by Airmid Healthgroup.
Siim Land has been using Microfiber pillow from our Performance collection (height medium) since April 2021.