PneumaPure Travel Pillow is clean, comfortable and convenient.

PneumaPure Travel Pillow is clean, comfortable and convenient, so you can sleep well and without worry wherever you go.

About Gabriel Scientific

Gabriel Scientificis a medical solutions company whose products are geared toward consumer wellness. Having created medical grade bedding and pillows to aid in the processes of infection control, the company has now expanding their line to include caring for the health and safety of consumers outside health care settings.

New PneumaPure Travel Pillow Protects Against Invisible Contaminants, Preventing Spread of Threats to Human Health

On December 3, 2018 Gabriel Scientific released a new travel pillow which will virtually eliminate a travelers’ exposure to harmful bacteria, invisible, and other unseen hazards and contaminants. The PneumaPure Travel Pillow provides protection for individuals against real and potential dangers while travelling. Hotels regularly change bedding, including pillow cases, between guests, but proper disinfection of the pillows themselves occursonly occasionally. When an individual shares a pillow that has been used by hundreds, even thousands, of people before him/her they run a very real risk of contracting an illness caused by any number of germs and other contaminants left behind in the filling or fabric of the pillow itself. An individual’s eyes, nose and mouth are virtual entry pointsfor bacteria and other invisible contaminants and other unseen hazards. With the ever growing threat of new and often untreatableillnesses, causing escalating health care costs as well as human costs, there is a great need for processes that can help stop these threats in their tracks.

The pillow is manufactured using breathable, liquid-proof, functional fabricenabled with PneumaPure Filter – no concern about sweat, germs and spills. This state of the art travel pillow also offers predictable comfort. Made with new generation foam the design ensures proper spinal alignment when sleeping so the traveler does not awaken with preventable complications such as a stiff neck or headaches. This clean, comfortable design includes a portable pouch making it incredibly easy to carry, plus fit within limited luggage space.

Sleep clean and comfortable wherever you go. Sleep with the PneumaPure Travel Pillow.

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