Pille Lengi: Sleep to support your skin and quality of life

Tilk! founder Pille Lengi made a conscious decision to improve her quality of life. Her first step was diet, second sleep. SleepAngel pillow became one of the pieces in her puzzle.

Full blog post published in Estonian in Tilk! blog.

Pille started to focus on sleep due to two things - her body was tired, but also knowing, that sleep process creates collagen to maintain skin's moisture level, elasticity and helps skin cells to regenerate. She analysed her sleep patterns and realised that she needs to focus on her sleep.

She update her sleeping habits with clear targets and activities:

  • Cool and dark bedroom - optimal temperature range for rest is somewhere in the range of 15-22 degrees. In addition, she made sure her bedroom was dark, as when light is detected, it delays melatonin release, produces cortisol and keeps your body temperature raised, initiating wakefulness (1)
  • Sufficient exercise during the day - proper exercise can alleviate sleep-related problems and help you get an adequate amount of rest. Recent research also suggests insufficient or poor-quality sleep can lead to lower levels of physical activity the following day (2)
  • Overnight fasting - Pille keeps 12-13 hours between dinner and breakfast to feel light. When you go to bed with an empty stomach, the internal clocks in your digestive system align with the clock in your brain so that all your systems agree to go offline for sleep. This kind of fasting—which you can accomplish simply by eating dinner early and avoiding snacks before bed—can unequivocally improve your sleep (3)
  • Quality sleep equipment - Pille changed her pillow to SleepAngel pillow after hearing that her traditional pillow is a perfect place for skin cells, sweat and dust mites. Also, she was missing support from her old pillow. Clinically proven and tested SleepAngel pillow with patent protected PneumaPure filter technology became an easy choice as she loves innovation and everything made in Estonia. Her choice is classic microfiber pillow from our HOME collection. After hearing about how pillows can be an ofter overlooked link in the chain of cross-infection, she unfortunately had to spend a week in hospital with her child. On a positive side, the pillows used in this hospital were from SleepAngel Medical.

Thank you, Pille Lengi and Tilk!, for sharing your experience. We are happy to support your sleep!


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