New hygiene standards in hospitality

The pillow - and soft surfaces in general - is an often-overlooked link in a chain of cross-infection. Standard pillows become quickly colonised by organisms via the stitching holes and fabric of the pillow leading to increased risk of infection.

The problem is everywhere we sleep, but particularly acute in multiple user bedding environments like hospitals and hotels.

 continues to spread the world, hospitality industry in particular is facing challenging task to secure safety of their staff and guests. Securing customer comfort, clinically clean environment and realistic cleaning and disinfection measures is a task most challenging.

Utilising new technologies and learning from other industries can be a way for new normality. One of the most focused industries in clinical cleaning is healthcare and medical sector.

PneumaPure filtered bedding, developed originally to stop cross-infection and reduce contamination sources in hospitals and care-homes, can also be solution for hospitality industry.

PneumaPure filtered bedding changes the way soft surface bedding is handled and adds additional cost saving measures to the equation. 

Sustainable innovation

Challenge of cross-infection has to align with the aim to set environmental targets of increased sustainability.

With PneumaPure filtered bedding, saving comes in different ways:

  • stays clean inside, cover can be cleaned with a disinfectant
  • no machine wash, no water waste or microplastics in the water
  • suitable for people with allergies and asthma
  • no need for additional protective covers, just change the sheets
  • 2 year warranty with longer utilisation time if maintained correctly

SleepAngel PneumaPure bedding is tested and proven around the world in hotels, hospitals and homes with product ranges adjusted according to industry needs. Product range includes pillows, toppers, duvets and mattresses. See more about the hospitality range here: link

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