Movistar Team give-away: win a SleepAngel pillow

SleepAngel is the official bedding partner for the Movistar Team since 2019. Now you can win 2 custom design pillow for your own and sleep like a pro.

Movistar Team is one of the best pro-cycling teams in the world and since 2019, SleepAngel is responsible for protecting their rider's performance as they sleep.

"Sleep is one of the often overlooked areas in performance - have made so many changed to the way we train, what we wear, what we eat, but our sleeping conditions have hardly change. With SleepAngel, you get the comfort and support as you would expect. As a bonus you also get risk-free and safe pillow as our product technology is originally created (and mainly used) in healthcare to fight infection transmission," says R&D director Lyane Lind.

Winning your own SleepAngel pillow is easy, see to the rules here: link