Movistar Team and SleepAngel gather funds for children's hospital

The Movistar Team riders joined to support charity activity to gift children's hospital with the same safe pillows that they are using.

Juan Pablo Molinero, CMO of Movistar Team: "With this auction, we support children's in hospital, whom we will bring their own top-quality pillows by SleepAngel, protected against infections and with fun and vibrant patterns that will make their stay happier and safer."

The Movistar Team decided to use SleepAngel pillows to protect the riders performance as they sleep. We tend to forget, that sleep is roughly one third of our lives and one of the few things we cannot outsource. Yet, sleeping environment and sleep overall is often one of the overlooked areas in our lives.

"We created unique PneumaPure filter technology for hospitals to fight infection transmission and keep both patients and caregivers safe. Different soft surfaces with this unique technology are widely used around the world. With this charity we  bring together elite sports team and children, who both need quality sleep in a safe environment to rest and recover, " says Sven Jürisoo, CEO and founder of SleepAngel bedding products.

The auction was held at the MatchWornShirt environment.

The funds from the auction are used to produce children's collection for the children's hospital chosen by the Movistar Team.

"We created this special collection as many kids spend a lot of time in the hospital and the environment has to be safe for them. With SleepAngel Medical pillows they can have safe comfort and fun patterns to make their stay even a bit more fun, " says Lyane Lind, R&D Director and founder of SleepAngel.

The pillows have found their owners and were signed by the riders in Almeria training camp. Now the pillows will be shipped to their new owners.