Meet us at The Hotel 360 Expo in London, 28-29.9.2021

The Hotel 360 Expo in London (28-29.9.2021) will connect the industry’s most ambitious professionals with the solutions, services and innovations they need to achieve excellence and stay ahead of the curve.

SleepAngel will be at the expo to introduce unique pillows, duvets, mattresses and other filtered bedding products for safe and sustainable intimate bed environments. Find us at Room to Breathe UK stand 654.

Lyane Lind, R&D director of SleepAngel: "Reducing the risks of contamination for guests is a big challenge in hospitality, especially during the pandemic. However, the risk to health and well-being posed by contaminated or dirty bedding, pillows, mattresses and duvets, is unknown to many. Allergens are the most common and known threats, but the traditional bedding can contain so much more if used longer periods of time without sufficient cleaning."

The problem: there is more to bed hygiene than changing bedlinen

Many think that changing the bedlinen is enough to secure clean and comfortable intimate bed environment. Unfortunately that is not the case as traditional bedding products accumulate surrounding elements - dust, sweat, hair, dandruff, pollen etc - and vaporise them back to guests' face each and every time they lie down.

Soft surfaces breathe the same way as we do, therefore they need protection from surrounding elements. Solution until now has been protective covers and laundry, both additional strain to the budget and environment.

Solution: Unique healthcare innovation to upgrade hygiene standard

After years of work in healthcare, SleepAngel introduced unique bedding with PneumaPure filter technology to hospitality and private homes as sustainable and safe alternative to traditional bedding products.

Lyane Lind: "PneumaPure filtered SleepAngel bedding is the key to clean intimate bed environment solution - it is an easy way to improve safety for guests and staff as it is clinically proven to block viruses, allergens, bacteria and humidity. It is not only a barrier to microorganisms and waterproof, but also ventilated through mechanical nano-porous filter to secure user comfort."

 Additional bonus: save environment, money and water

Years of testing in hospitality has shown, that SleepAngel filtered pillows are accepted as premium quality products. But there is more to bedding than clients comfort as keeping traditional hospitality bedding clean is costly and time consuming - laundry, transport, work, double stock etc. 

Lyane Lind: "SleepAngel bedding allows to save time, money and environment as it does not require machine wash or dry cleaning (laundry) services - as nothing, but clean, filtered air gets inside the pillow, the outer cover can be cleaned (wipe clean) and disinfected if wished, on site.

With no humidity entering the products, the products also keep their shape longer and and can be utilised safely for longer periods of time.”

SleepAngel bedding product range includes pillows, duvets, mattresses, toppers and also a possibility for custom product lines. Please contact us for additional information.


Find us at Hotel 360 expo with Room to Breathe UK, stand 654.