Making "clean" more visible

The New York Times article "Forget Spas and Bars. Hotels Tout Housekeeping to Lure Back Travelers" focuses on how previously hidden activities (e.g. cleaning) are becoming visible and play important role in bringing back the customer.

SleepAngel CE certified barrier bedding improves safety for the customer and housekeeping, saves money and helps in achieving sustainability targets.

Main points from the article:

  • Making cleaning visible to improve customer trust is part of many hospitality companies plans as research published on Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that that people infected with the coronavirus shed it on pillow cases, duvet covers, sheets, light switch and bathroom door and faucet handles
  • Wyndham Hotels & Resorts new “Count on Us” pandemic campaign heralds the use of “hospital grade” cleaning products and housekeepers are much more visible
  • Hilton new program “CleanStay” includes a partnership to use Lysol cleaning products that requires individual hotels to use the company’s products and display the Lysol logo “prominently”
  • New research looked at the virus residue left by two “pre-symptomatic” patients there who were quarantined in China in March — students who had returned from overseas and were placed in hotels during a mandatory waiting period. Their rooms were swabbed for evidence that the virus lingered after the students had been there 24 hours, but before the rooms were cleaned. The researchers said the study shows that hotel rooms must be rigorously cleaned between guest stays and done so with an eye to how the virus spreads.

While many changes might add costs to hospitality sector, Bjorn Hanson, former dean of hospitality at New York University, says: Safety doesn’t necessarily cost money,” he said. “It could be an excuse for saving money.”

SleepAngel barrier bedding is one of the possible saving money solutions. It is patent protected and clinically tested medical bedding innovation, now with added comfort features for home and hospitality. It is an effective barrier to viruses, mould, dust mites, pathogens and (body)liquids. Also, it does not require machine washing as it can be disinfected on site as any other hard surfaces of the room. 

SleepAngel unique details are also visible for the customer - PneumaPure filter is clearly visible on the pillow and in addition it is possible to add stickers and information pamphlets to demonstrate innovative measures taken to fight current situation.

As the bedding does not require machine washing, it can also be used longer and reduces costs for the company (no laundry, transport or additional stock).

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Featured image: Alyssa Schukar for The New York Times