Kristianstads Golfklubb & Destination improves guest safety with SleepAngel

Hospitality has faced challenging times during the pandemic. It has also been a time to innovate to improve guest safety. One of the often-overlooked areas in hospitality has been bedding.  

Kristianstads Golfklubb & Destination made a SleepAngel bedding upgrade to their rooms, this means that all of their rooms are now safe for people with allergies and asthma. It also means that they are able to reduce costs long term and improve sustainability.

Sleeping environment is one of the few things that hospitality guests always use. Making sure it is comfortable, but also safe and supporting, is extremely important. To secure this, traditional bedding would require expensive and time-consuming laundry service.

Improved hygiene with healthcare innovation

With the Covid-19, awareness of infection transmission and hygiene increased exponentially. Kristianstads Golfklubb & Destination, known golf destination in Åhus, Sweden, was ready for this as just before the pandemic, they had invested in SleepAngel barrier bedding products. At that time, their focus was improved customer satisfaction and sustainability, with added value of hygiene, that has now become their unique selling proposition. SleepAngel bedding is placed in Talia Beds.

With SleepAngel, Kristianstads Golfklubb & Destination can keep comfort and safety promise for the clients, while reducing workload for staff. Also, they can save environment by being able to use the products longer time and reducing water waste.


SleepAngel barrier bedding is a healthcare innovation originally created to stop infection transmission in hospitals. Combination of innovations secure safe, supporting and sustainable intimate bedding environments for all.

SleepAngel’s filtered soft surface innovation is now used in private homes and hotels around the world.

Take away your pillow

After customer requests and positive feedback, Kristianstads Golfklubb & Destination has added SleepAngel pillows to their shop with an option to order it online and enjoy unique sleep-innovation at home.

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