Bedding innovation for improved guest safety

SleepAngel will participate in Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo Europe (CSHE, 2-3.12.2020 in London) to introduce bedding innovation to cruise industry. 

Lyane Lind, SleepAngel's Research & Development Director, talked with Elliot Preece about our innovation and future plans.


Hi Lyane, thanks for your time today. What makes SleepAngel’s products innovative?

Lyane Lind, R&D Director and founder of SleepAngel

SleepAngel has brought together a team of international sleep enthusiasts with a long background in textiles and bedding. Our bedding product range is fundamentally different from traditional soft surfaces. In a nutshell – a combination of innovations ensure that SleepAngel bedding products are an effective barrier against allergens, liquids, pathogens, viruses, and more. The only thing getting into the bedding is pure air, and the outer cover is as easily cleaned as most hard surfaces – by using disinfectants or wiping with a cloth (depending on the utilisation area). With these products, additional protective covers are not needed and comfort for the guest is the same as traditional bedding products. The biggest change is the ‘as-new’ experience for each guest, as the bedding can be cleaned just by changing the covers and quickly disinfecting on site. No stains, smells, or memories of previous visitors.

The key innovations are the PneumaPure filter, welded seams, and materials that secure both user comfort and barrier bedding demands.

Originally, David Woolfson and Dr. Duncan Bain invented PneumaPure filter technology to improve the safety of patients and caregivers in a healthcare setting. This means that PneumaPure technology is not only patent protected, but also clinically tested and proven by independent laboratories and hospitals around the world. Due to the versatility of the technology, my team here in Estonia has developed the product range to suit the demands of the home user, hospitality, and the cruise ship industry, where we can utilise the hospitality range for cabins, the medical range for medical facilities on board, and new developments for outdoor furniture.

Could you tell us about a project you’re currently working on?

Lyane Lind with Tarmo Sahk, Head of Laboratories at TalTech, Tallinn University of Technology


We are always on the search for the best materials – comfortable for the end users, but also environmentally sound. As such, our products support sustainability through longer utilisation time and a cleaning regime that does not require machine washing – no water waste or creation of microplastic pollution. 

For the cruise ship industry, our in-room hospitality range of pillows, duvets, and toppers is available to order – creating a safer environment for both guests and housekeeping. What we are developing as of now is outdoor (on deck) furniture soft surfaces. As one of the most demanding areas on the cruise ship, being constantly damaged by sun, sea air, and humidity, dampened soft surfaces are an ideal place for mold and mildew to grow. Our outdoor collection will be able to handle the weather (humidity, sun, spillages of cocktails and creams), can be easily cleaned, does not gain weight and is comfortable and safe for users.

To support this development, we are in partnership with Taltech (Tallinn Technical University). We will test our outdoor furniture in climate test chambers, allowing us to measure the effects of temperature and humidity on our products in a controlled manner.

Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo London will take place 2 – 3 December 2020 in ExCeL London. 

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