How much sleep do you need?

Getting enough sleep helps you to stay focused, improve concentration, and improve academic performance.

 SleepAngel improves the quality of your sleep with supporting and allergen-free pillows.

Importance of sleep to the quality of our lives is important as it is one of the fundamentals next to nutrition and hydration. At the same time, sleeping environment is often one of the overlooked areas even if we spend roughly 1/3 of our lives in bed (either sleeping or trying to fall asleep).

Sleep is important for the quality of your life

Amount of sleep, sleep routines and sleep hygiene overall is an important area that needs more focus, as sleep deprivation leaves your brain exhausted, so it can't perform its duties well. While being sleep deprived, you may find it more difficult to concentrate or learn new things. The signals your body sends may also be delayed, decreasing your coordination and increasing your risk for accidents.

As we enter the new school year and the stress levels might be a bit higher than usual, improving sleep hygiene is one of the easiest improvement areas - it just takes some consistancy.

Recommended sleep times for each age group*:

Age range Recommended hours of sleep
Newborn 0 - 3 months 14 - 17 hours
Infant 4 - 11 months 12 - 15 hours
Toddler 1 - 2 years old 11 - 14 hours
Preschool  3 - 5 years old 10 - 13 hours
School-age 6 - 13 years old 9 - 11 hours
Teen 14 - 17 years old 8 - 10 hours
Young adult 18 - 25 years old 7 - 9 hours
Adult 26 - 64 years old 7 - 9 hours
Older adult 65 or more years old 7 - 8 hours


Quality sleep in a clean environment with SleepAngel

Getting enough sleeping hours is one thing, but making sure it is also of good quality can be another challenge as pillows very often do not get the recognition they deserve. Waking up and sneezing, coughing, having a runny nose, congestion, itchy or watery eyes or skin issues can all be signs of an unclean pillow.

The problem is, that traditional pillows act as a sponge and absorb environmental elements like humidity (sweat, skincare, tears etc), dust (dandruff, pollen etc.), but also dust mites and hair (from pets and yourself) into it and will push this back to your face each and every night as you lay your head down the pillow.

SleepAngel filtered pillow is a solutions to this problem. These unique pillows feel nice and they are supporting like any other premium pillows, but thanks to unique and patent protected production and filter technology, they do not allow anything to enter to the pillow.

PneumaPure filter innovation was originally created (and is still mainly used) for hospitals to stop infection transmission and to keep soft surface environments clean. The same clinically tested and proven technology is now used to upgrade sleeping environments - at first finding its place in elite sports teams recovery toolset and now finding its way to homes and hotels all around the world.

SleepAngel Pillows and Duvets with PneumaPure filter technology provide you with support and comfort as you would expect from any other premium pillow, but it will also provide you with clinically clean sleeping environment with minimal effort - just change the bedlinen and wipe clean every now and then.

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*How Much Sleep Do We Really Need? Sleep Foundation 

Image: Karen Harms Photography for WildWoman