SleepAngel in the The Brit List 2020 shortlist

The Brit List - known as the industry’s most widespread search to identify the leading designers, architects, hoteliers and suppliers - has announced their shortlist for 2020.

SleepAngel Barrier Bedding is on the shortlist in "Best in Tech" category with virus, allergen and (body)liquid proof barrier bedding helping hospitality companies to upgrade their hygiene standards.

PneumaPure filtered bedding - sleep- and textile-innovation by SleepAngel - is originally created to stop cross-infection in healthcare. New normal of "living with the virus" has motivated new synergies between different segments, clinically tested barrier bedding for hospitality, is one of the examples.

Editor Hamish Kilburn: “Although, on record, 2020 has been one of the most challenging periods for the industry, I have faith that the individuals we have shortlisted, together, have the skills and experience to create meaningful solutions for hospitality and hotel design in the post-pandemic world.”

"Originally PneumaPure filtered bedding has been used in hospitality to accommodate people with allergies, but now as hygiene has found new importance due to Covid-19. Our hospitality bedding range includes all of our medical bedding product technology promises - acts as a barrier to viruses, including Coronavirus - and is easily cleaned on site without need for machine wash or chemical cleaning," says Sven Jürisoo, CEO and founder of SleepAngel.


SleepAngel bedding is already used in KODA Stay, Hektor Konteinerhotell, Estonia Resort Hotel & Spa, Åhus Gästgivaregård, The Devlin Dublin, The Mayson Dublin, Kristianstads Golfklubb i Åhus and many more.

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