Happy Holidays!

Thank you for another year together. 2020 was a year of new normals and unexpected twists and turns. A year, when providing peace of mind became a currency, a year when healthcare innovation intertwined with hospitality and created a bedding innovation to improve safety outside healthcare setting.

Most of us did not expect Covid-19 to be the main subject of the whole year. But it was. Locking down countries and industries, pushing some economies to flourish and others to fade away. It has also supported synergies of different areas to combine know-how and adapt to the new normal.

From our healthcare core business to homes and hospitality

While cross-infection and healthcare acquired infections has been a long standing problem in healthcare for years, it became an issue in other industries too. SleepAngel barrier bedding was invented to improve caregiver and patient safety and is now also introduced to hospitality industry. 2020 saw SleepAngel taking on new cooperations with different industries, that all have understood the need to focus on prevention and safe environments with filtered soft surfaces.

Thank you!

We want to thank you for your cooperation in this crazy year and hope 2021 will be a bit more boring, a lot safer and happier.

Team SleepAngel 
Pärnu, Estonia