Can bedding be your unique selling proposition?

Hotel bed can be a trigger for your germ paranoia or the reason you choose the place. A hotel or rental apartment with SleepAngel bedding is definitely your choice.

Imagine having hotel rooms suitable for all - no special allergy rooms or people with pets, but all for all with no worries. PneumaPure filtered SleepAngel bedding is the key for this solution.

Unique innovation driven by personal need

"Our inventor David was inspired to create this technology, because his daughter had had an allergic reaction to hotel pillow. This started a journey that resulted in bedding products that combine absolute barrier protection with airflow," says Lyane Lind, R&D director and founder of SleepAngel. In other words - SleepAngel bedding products keep allergens, viruses, humidity and smells out of pillows, duvets and toppers, additionally they can be cleaned by wiping clean.

New tools to stop infection transmission 

Product market fit between healthcare industry and SleepAngel's barrier bedding is supported by costly and dangerous problems of healthcare acquired infections and infection transmission overall. Soft surface is one of the often overlooked areas in healthcare and introducing tested and proven barrier bedding is an easy way to improve safety for patients and caregivers, it is also a way to move bedding from the disposable items line to long term investment.

Created for healthcare, adapted for home and hospitality use

PneumaPure filtered bedding is and has been adapted in hospitals and other healthcare facilities around the world to improve environmental safety. But contaminated intimated bed environment is also an issue and challenge in hospitality and private homes, especially with Covid-19 pandemic.

"Our clients are mainly within two groups - early adopters, who love to try and use anything innovative - and people who are either are affected by bedding due to allergies, have other reasons that require clinically clean environment (e.g. skin conditions) or would otherwise require heavy washing procedures," says Lyane Lind and adds "so it means that our clients are anyone from the Movistar Team to small kids with heavy nosebleeds, and of course those, who like easy living as there is no need for protective covers or machine wash."


PneumaPure filter facts:

  • Originally created to fight infection transmission in healthcare
  • Clinically tested and proven by top laboratories in US and EU
  • Bedding is a barrier to viruses, allergens, pathogens, (body)liquids etc.
  • Specialised product ranges with filter technology for private homes, sports teams, hospitality, healthcare
  • For further information, please contact us