Why I chose SleepAngel by netball player Beth Cobden

Beth Cobden has established herself as a specialist wing defence on the international stage of netball since her Vitality Roses debut in 2016.

She has been using SleepAngel since April 2021.

Why is sleep important for you?

I absolutely love sleeping! It’s definitely a crucial part of my recovery and performance, I try to get 9-10 hours most nights, and nap lots too.


Why did you choose SleepAngel pillow?

The SleepAngel pillow is perfect for athletes as we travel a lot and it’s great to take away with you and use rather than using hotel pillows which contain a lot of dust and dirt. 

What sleeping position do you mainly sleep in?

I sleep mainly on my side.

Did SleepAngel pillow solve any of your sleep issues?

I was getting a sore neck and it’s helped that a lot since I’ve had a SleepAngel pillow. 

Is SleepAngel different from other pillows?

It’s so much more hygienic, as well as being super comfy and high quality, compared to normal pillows that lose their shape easily - definitely a great investment. 

Lebron James and Roger Federer apparently sleep 12 hours a day - must work wonders!


Beth chose Microfiber Pillow from SleepAngel’s Performance collection, medium height, purchased via Amazon.co.uk

SleepAngel pillows are also available on Amazon.de and Trademax.se.